How To Move Your Android Data To iPhone In A Few Steps


This is a major issue for new users of the iPhone. How to move android data to iPhone. Suppose if you are using an android smartphone and switch to a new iPhone. 

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And you are thinking about how I can transfer all of my records to this new phone. 

It’s not a big deal. In this article, we solve your problem. But for this, you must read this complete article. To know how it is very simple. 

It is very easy to transfer your personal information from android to android and iPhone to iPhone. But android to iPhone and iPhone to Android is something difficult. Don’t worry.

Every problem  solved with some solutions that will come to mind. And in this advanced era, everything is possible for you.

Because you can easily find the solution to any problem through the Google search engine. That will help you in every situation.

Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Smartphones

If you are switching to iPhone, keep in mind that never reset your last smartphone. If you want to move your data. You have few options regarding this issue. 

First, connect your android to the PC or laptop and move to your phone storage location. From where you transfer your data to the system to secure it. 

One more thing is that the security of your data is very important for you. 

Select your desired data which includes images, videos, documents, and some important files. That will help in your future or may be useful for you. 

After selecting your data, create a new folder and move all of your data to it with appropriate folders. 

After that, move your data to your new iPhone. And secure it in your new phone. Which will help you to continue your use. 

If you have no old contacts you face issues. Contacts are very important for a person to secure them. 

Before You Start 

  • Sure that your device WiFi is On. 
  • Both of your devices iPhone and Android is Power On 
  • Ensure that the substance you’re moving, remembering what’s for your outer Micro SD card, will fit on your new iOS gadget 
  • In the event that you need to move your Chrome bookmarks, update to the most recent rendition of Chrome on your Android gadget. 

Follow The Following Steps

  • Tap Move Data from Android 
  • Open the Move to iOS application 
  • Hang tight for a code 
  • Utilize the code 
  • Pick your substance and pause 
  • Set up your iOS gadget 
  • Wrap up 

Today technology helps you, Google contact is available, through this you can easily save your mobile contacts to this. And on changing your mobile phone. 

You can login to a new device and import your contact list to your new phones.

Also, for photos and documents, Google gives you facilities for Google Photos and Google Docs. 

By using these apps you can easily store your photos and documents online. And you can easily access it from any place at any time.

In The Event That You Need Assistance With The Exchange 

In the event that you have issues moving your substance, there two or three things that you can check: 

  • Ensure that you let the two gadgets be until the exchange wraps up. For instance, on your Android gadget, the Move to the iOS application should remain on screen the entire time.
  • In the event that you utilize another application or get a call on your Android before the exchange completes, your substance will not exchange. 
  • On your Android gadget, turn off applications or settings that may influence your Wi-Fi association, similar to the Sprint Connections Optimizer or the Smart Network Switch.
  • At that point discover Wi-Fi in Settings, contact and hold each known organization, and fail to remember the organization. At that point attempt the exchange once more. 
  • Restart your devices and do one more attempt. 
  • On your Android device, Please turn off your mobile information association. At that point attempt the exchange once more.

In new technology use, every android brand has its own iCloud service which is working as an online data saver platform.

 Which is easily accessible for you at any place. You can easily send all your data to your iCloud account and feel free from this headache. 

Now the issue is how you can transfer your data to the iPhone. SO, for this numerous apps are available in Google Play Store or App Store. 

From where you get your desired app and use it. Move your data easily by using several apps.  Just open the app, and follow the steps to transfer your selected data.

If you want to transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone. That is very simple. You can use the AirDrop option which is only for iPhone devices. 

By using this option you can easily transfer your images, contact, and other important documents. 

One more thing, the iPhone also introduces an iCloud service, from which you can easily transfer or save your data which is very secure for your data.

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