How To Open An Xbox Step By Step


People in the world are slowly becoming addicted to games. They are making their gaming system updated from time to time. People are using many gadgets just to update their gaming performance. Xbox one is one of the homemade gaming consoles that provide users an interface to make their gaming performance better. 

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This allows users to download and play different games on it. People have the ability to move games to the Xbox One that they have downloaded before on their devices. As we use Xbox one many times hence the chance of getting dust and dirt increases. When a device becomes dirty then its performance becomes slow automatically.

Here a need comes when we have to open Xbox one and clean it thoroughly. Many people think it is impossible to open Xbox but it’s not true. We can easily open Xbox and can clean it so that dirt and debris will be removed and the performance also becomes better. In this article, we are going to discuss some ways a person can follow to open Xbox one.

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Opening an Xbox one

A person must have to know how to open an Xbox one so that he can clean the Xbox thoroughly to remove dust and dirt from it. A person can follow the steps given below to open Xbox one:

  • Collect equipment: 

Before anything, a person has to make sure whether he has certain equipment that is required to open an Xbox or not. A person must have given equipment:

  • The screwdriver having a flathead.
  • T8 Torx screwdriver
  • T9 Torx screwdriver
  • T10 Torx screwdriver
  • A plastic prying tool
  • Remove connection of Xbox with all devices:

Before opening an Xbox one a person has to remove all the wires and cables attached to the Xbox One. He cannot open the Xbox one if his Xbox is attached to any type of charging wire or cable.

  • Ground yourself: 

A person must follow some security measures before opening an Xbox one. A person must have to ground himself by touching a metal surface before working.

  • Remove the panel on the left side and bracelet from the console:

To open the Xbox we have to remove the left-side panel. For this, we have to put a screwdriver with a flathead between the console from the left and the plastic grille from the left side. Then remove the grille from the console. We will see a chasing bracelet on the right side, we have to slide the bracelet until it goes away from the console.

  • Unhook the remaining bracelet:

On the back of the console, insert the screwdriver on the top section of the grille and unhook the bracelet. Similarly, unhook the remaining bracelet by doing the same above steps.

  • Unplug the panel cable at the top and remove the top of the casing:

Next, we have to unplug the panel cable that is located at the top side and then removes the top of the casing. There will be resistance to removing the casing.

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  • Remove speaker and wires and open metal case:

We have to remove the speaker and wires from the Xbox one. There will be two wifi wires, we have to remove them from the console. At the last open the metal case. This

  • How do I open an Xbox one?

When a person decides to clean his Xbox then the first thing that appears in his mind is how can he open the Xbox. We can easily open an Xbox just by following the steps mentioned above. Cleaning the Xbox one not only removes dirt from the Xbox but also improves the performance of gaming.


Xbox one proves to be a great playing interface to users so that they can update their gaming system and can make their performance better. But when a person buys something then it becomes his responsibility to make that thing clean. So a person must have to know how to open an Xbox one to clean it. So that dirt will remove from it and the speed will also become fast.


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