How To Quote Someone On Discord Quick And Easy Guideline


This technique was discovered in a task and considered as one of the easiest ways for estimating text in a discord. There are two ways for pricing the estimated text one is ‘Code Blocks’ and the other is ‘Block Quotes’. Quote, a bot is an advanced way of doing it. If a  person who is the admin of a server wants to quote someone on a Discord then Quote bot is the best option.  

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Quote, the bot is the simplest and the quickest way to quote a text on a discord. Quote, the bot performs like a total Quote method on a Discord. The most important thing that a person needs to do is to download Github jobs for the best performances. Citator is an amazing tool for the straightforward implementation of a button for text pricing Quote. 

The only problem is that Citador deals with another custom customer which is BetterDiscord. A person needs to use BetterDiscord with care because any error may cause great damage.


Quoting on a Discord can be done for various Significant reasons. One significant reason for quoting is the fact that it is a chat platform for the surrounding social networks. A large number of people can join groups, participate in an argument on a specific topic and seek help on different concerns. 

While estimating helps the user to react or answer the specific question in a long text. If a person wants to answer some specific question in a conversation while other participants are randomly talking. Then the user can just mark down the specific portion of the text to answer it and it is known as Quote on Discord text.

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Single line Quoting

A person want to estimate on Discord using single line Quoting then the steps that are involved are given below:

  • The old message which you want to react to is needed to copy and then paste in the comment box. Put ‘>’ at first to the estimated text then simply a list will appear below it.
  • Now enter the desired reply from the given list and select the option of ‘Enter’ which will be present on the main screen.

It is tricky work and feels laborious as compared to the WhatsApp and Facebook quoting. It is important for a person who wants to use single line quotes to know the basics:

  • Single-line quotes are best for replying to a single line.
  • Single line quotes work best if there is no break in the line.
  • Single line quotes especially for the brief lines.

Multi-line Quoting

Multiple line quote blocks are mainly working for those texts which are long and have certain breaks and full stops. A multiple-line quote works best for the explanations. Online forums are mainly concerned about the use of quotes on Discord. Estimating features are the most talking subject between different sectors in the recent upgrades. 

Reddit users especially talk about the pricing quote in their conversations and threads. Different forums have talked about the multiple lines of Quoting and price quoting but no one has answered it correctly. Most people don’t give effective answers just because of a lack of knowledge. In this article, we have discussed the finest in-depth ways of quoting Discord.

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Quoting makes it easy to track the conversation history between the two individuals. Quotes in a discord give many benefits; the major in them is that it becomes very easy for a person to reply to long portions in a conversation. Single quoting is much simpler than multiple quoting. A person came to know about all the approaches about quoting in discord along with its working.


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