How To Reactivate Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages


Facebook is a social media networking app. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It is an app that allows different people to connect whether they know each other or not. People of different countries, religions, and greed can communicate and get in touch with each other just because of this amazing app. In short, the basic purpose of this app is to connect the people of the world.

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If we talk about Facebook users, we will get to know that it’s an app that contains more than 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook is used by US people for about 30-40 minutes every day. Facebook earns about 82 billion US D. If we talk about features of Facebook, it has enhanced its features but if a message is being deleted accidentally by a person on Facebook then there is no front-end option to restore that message. But we can restore that message by doing some steps.

Restoring Deleted Messages:

Deleted messages on Facebook can be restored by following some steps:

  • By Android Smartphone.
  • By Browser and PC.
  • By Third-Party Apps.

Using Android Smartphone:

We can restore the deleted messages on Facebook by simply doing some steps:

  • Log in to your respective Facebook account.
  • In a smart android phone, move to the ‘File Explorer’ app.
  • Click on the SD storage area.
  • Move to Android>com.Facebook>cache>fb_temp.
  • FB messenger folder will appear. Open it and press the chat. All the messages including deleted messages will start showing.

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Using Browser and PC:

We can restore the deleted messages on Facebook by simple doing some steps:

  • By going on our desired browser, open the website of Facebook.
  • The account on which we want to restore the message, login into it.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ by tapping the drop down arrow icon in the corner on the right side.
  • Select ‘Your Facebook information’ from the left panel.
  • Select ‘Download your Information’ from the right side.
  • Now another screen will appear. Deselect all the other options except ‘Messages’
  • Press on ‘Create File’ and wait.
  • After some time we will get some notification and an email with messages attached to it.
  • From email or directly from Facebook, download the Zip file.
  • Let the file unzip and from extracted files press on the index.php.
  • All the activities and deleted messages will show here.

Using third-party apps

We can restore deleted messages from  Facebook by installing third-party apps. But using this method is not safe as all our apps are under the control of software. To restore messages follow these steps:

  • From play store install ‘UNDELETE-View deleted FB & Whats app Messages’ app.
  • By opening the app. Allow all the permissions to the app.
  • A list of apps will appear. Select the desired app.
  • From this app, all the deleted messages will be stored.

How to Restore Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone? 

the iPhone does not allow external apps to be installed. To see the deleted messages from Facebook, users have to follow the second-mentioned step. But the deleted messages will not be restored in chat. As Facebook has also owned WhatsApp, a recovery feature may be introduced soon. 


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