How To Record An Outgoing Call Or Incoming Call In The iPhone Step By Step


If you want to record calls on your iPhone then you can’t have this feature without taking help from third-party applications. As iPhones don’t have an inbuilt feature of call recording because it is illegal to record conversations without the consent of the other person. In some states, one party can record the call without taking consent from the other and it is not illegal. While other states find it illegal to record incoming or outgoing calls without having the consent of the other person.

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If people are thinking that Apple doesn’t have an inbuilt feature of call recordings hence it is impossible to record calls then you are wrong. It is possible to record calls on iPhone but by using third-party applications to avoid any potential troubles. The third-party applications only want to know the intentions of the person to record the call as if your intentions are right then you can proceed with the recording.

How do I record incoming and outgoing calls on my iPhone?

If you want to record incoming or outgoing calls on your iPhone then you need to follow some steps. The steps that involve the use of Rev call recorder which is the best and free online application for iPhone users are given below:

  • First, you need to download the application from the Apple Store and then verify the number. If you want to start the recording of the call then you just need to select the option of ‘start recorded call’ that would be present in the application.
  • Now the person needs to select the call type whether it is incoming or outgoing. The option will appear on the screen and you need to select it and when you are done you can also save it on the device.
  • When you are done with the saving of the recorded call file then this would be saved in Dropbox. You can share the audio file present in Dropbox from email.

Can I record incoming calls on my iPhone?

Yes, a person can record incoming calls on an iPhone. By default, recording phone calls are blocked on iPhones but a person can record a call. There are different methods to record phone calls on an iPhone as it becomes costly if you try to do so. Most call recording applications for iPhone will only work if you have a conference call no matter if it is outgoing or incoming. There are very rare chances to have recorder applications that record 2-way phone calls.

How do I record incoming and outgoing phone calls?

If you want to record phone calls on an Android device then it is a very simple process. You need to tap on the voice application and then head towards the menu. In the settings of the application below the calls option, you will find an option to turn on incoming calls. You will be asked a question about whether you want to record an incoming call or not. Select the option and call the desired number and then tap 4 and this will start the recording.


Recording a phone call is not a difficult crime but it would become easy if you know the process. Rev call recorder is an application that is free and allows users to record incoming or outgoing calls. This application is available in the United States and works free without the limitation of the number of phone calls and their length. A person can also share audio on different platforms and you can transcribe it. The application also has a lot of experienced workers for the transcription of the calls.


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