How To Remove Comments In Word Document By Using Different Ways


Office software provides a common feature of adding comments in the word file. People add comments to add notes in the word or comments are added while editing the word document, especially when two or more people are editing the same word document and one is guiding the other.

Now the question arises of how to remove comments in word. You can easily remove it as they were added by following some simple steps. There are many ways to do it, read the article below to know how to remove comments in a word document.

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What is the easiest way to delete comments in the word?

Follow the  given steps to know how to remove comments in word by using the Delete function of the word document:

  • Select the particular comment you want to remove from the word or if you want to remove all the comments then skip this step.
  • Go to the review tab by clicking on review from the ribbon and in the comments section click on the down arrow below the delete option. Now you can select whether you want to delete all comments shown or the selected one. 
  • If the delete option is not available then place the cursor on a comment; otherwise the delete all comments option will be only available. 
  • If you want to delete comments one by one then again select the other comment and the Delete option will appear in the comments group on the review tab of the ribbon. 
  • You can also delete a specific comment by right-clicking on that particular comment and then a drop-down menu will appear, from that menu select the option of Delete.

How do I delete all comments in a word at once?

Another method you can use to remove all the comments from the word is by using kutools, it will quickly delete all the comments from the whole word document but if you have selected a certain part of the document then the comments will be removed from only that selected part of the document. Kutools is a handy add-in that provides you with a variety of tools to make your work on word easier and more professional. 

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Firstly open the word document and go to the kutools tab and then click on the “more” option and from the drop-down menu select “remove comments” and all the comments will be removed from the word. 

You can use the inspector tool to remove all the comments from the word. By using the inspector tool you can even remove the comments that are hidden. Follow the given steps to remove the comments by using inspector :

  • Open the document in Word (It is recommended to save a copy of documents including comments that may be needed after some time) and go to the File tab by clicking on the file option present on the ribbon and then click on info. From the right side menu click on check for issues and then inspect the document then the inspector will appear.
  •  On the document inspector tab, you will be able to check the options you want to remove from the document. You can select comments, revisions, embedded documents, task pane add-ins, and many more. Ensure that you have checked comments, revision, and versions options to remove comments from the document.
  • After checking the relevant boxes click on the “inspect” option present at the bottom of Windows.  Select remove all adjacent to the all comments, revision, and versions option. And then hit the close button. 


Adding comments in a word document is a very common activity, people add comments in the word document for different purposes but you can remove all the comments easily from the document. The above article explains how to remove comments in a word document by using different methods.  In the word document, the delete option is present by default, other than this you can use different tools and add-ins to do it as described in the above article. 


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