How to remove Continue watching on Netflix


Everyone likes entertainment. People use different types of web and apps to download movies, videos, and dramas. Netflix provides people easy accessibility to watch their favorite part of entertainment more easily. Live show, live streaming T.V shows Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood, and much more. In short, this app is full of enjoyment.

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It’s a good app because if you are watching something but you want to take a break, you can, and when you restart watching your program will start from the part you left. The option of “Continue watching” will appear on screen for you, but sometimes you don’t want to watch that content again so you have to know how to remove “Continue watching” on Netflix. Apart from that, let’s take a short overview of Netflix. It is an excellent app for entertainment seekers but sometimes it is a waste of time. 

Remove Continue watching

There are so many reasons behind this. If you’re using someone else’s Netflix account and you don’t want her/him to watch the same thing. You start watching a movie but you don’t like its content and you don’t want to watch it again. Not only this, there must be other reasons. Due to all these reasons, you must learn how to remove “Continue watching” from Netflix.

Clear watch history

If you want to clear your titles from the history of Netflix there are some easy steps to follow:

First of all, you have to log in to your Netflix account. And then you have to select the profile. The profile of every watched title will be different. Now check the content you watched and press “view activity” and open the page. Select your activity one by one and delete. This instruction applies to all smartphones and iPhones.

Android device

The process of title removing is discussed above but still if it doesn’t work this is another method. 

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Just follow these simple steps:

  • Scroll your home tab and choose the option “Continue watching”.
  • The titles will appear and there are three dots in front of them.
  • Click on the dots.
  • Click the option” Remove from row”.
  • Click ‘Ok’.
  • That title is removed now.  

Hide title in iPhone

Just follow these easy steps to hide your title:

  • Select the profile you want.
  • If you want to visit another profile go to the menu bar and select “more”. 
  • Now select your profile and click on the “Viewing Activity”.
  • All of your activities appear on the screen.
  • Now select the content you want to hide.
  • Here the process is completed

Hide title from a desktop browser

There are just three steps to follow:

  • Open your profile\account 
  • Move to words at the bottom
  • Select the option “Viewing Activity”.
  • Select the content you want to hide.

You can also change the profile of Netflix to solve this problem. You can make more than 5 profiles at a time. We can delete a Netflix account. It is another method to remove your watch history. 

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