How To Remove Labels From Google Maps Easily


Google map labels are present to highlight some major and important locations on the map. These highlighted locations are mostly related landmarks or businesses, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. If you want you can make your labels on a map for your home, what place, or any other favorite place. 

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You can easily read the label by just zooming into the map until the labels become readable. Mostly these labels are very helpful while finding a place on a map but if you want to look into a Google map without labels then you can remove it or If you find some labels irrelevant then you can easily remove or delete them. 

How to remove labels from Google Maps easily?

Follow the given steps to remove a label from your computer or mobile easily:

  • To remove labels from your computer go to Google maps on your PC and place your cursor on the three horizontal lines or the menu icon and click on it.  A drop-down menu will appear on the screen from which to select the Your place option with a drop icon. 
  • On your place tab, you will find the option of labeled, find the label you want to remove, and then click on the edit pencil icon in front of the label and hit the remove button and that particular label will be removed. 
  • To remove labels from Google Maps by using the app on your mobile phone go to the Google Maps app and tap on the saved icon.
  • From the list of options tap on the label. Adjacent to the name of the label option you will find more options icons in the form of three vertical dots. Tap on the More button of the label that you want to delete. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear on your mobile screen, select remove label and then a confirmation notification will appear on your mobile screen that your label was removed successfully. 

Can you remove all labels from Google maps?

Earlier you can remove labels only e in the satellite view of the Google Maps app but now Google has updated the Google map and the users can remove labels in satellite views and both types of maps. But this new layers location update feature enables only desktop version of Google maps users to remove labels as the method is described below:

  • Open any internet browser on your PC and go to place your cursor on the layers box present at the lower left side of the screen. A menu will open and select more from the menu.
  • In the expanded menu you will find the labels option at the bottom right corner. Uncheck the option labels by clicking on the check box present adjacent to them. If the label option is in grey then you still uncheck it easily and all the labels will be removed. 

Besides this method, you can also use another alternative method on your mobile phone to get a Google map without labels, do it by hiding labels by using “Google my maps”. 

How do I take a screenshot of a Google map without labels?

You can remove labels to get a screenshot by clicking on the hamburger icon present on the upper left side of the screen. From the menu select satellite and then satellite mode will be turned on. Now tap on or click on labels on options present under the satellite. Now the labels will not appear on the map and you can easily take a screenshot.


On Google, map labels are present to highlight some important places. You can customize your labels and if you want to get a Google map without labels then you can easily remove them. If you want you can delete the selected label or all the labels present on your Google map as the process is described in the above article. 


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