How To Rename Or Change Your Minecraft Username By Following Simple Steps


Minecraft is a free video game in which players gradually form a 3D world by blocks.  They discover new materials and tools, they fight and compete with other players. It is considered the best video game of its time as it is violence-free. It was developed by Mojan studio and released in 2011 for the public.

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On the Minecraft game, players have the option to set the names and they are also able to change Minecraft username on the game when they want. The only thing they need to change  Minecraft username is a Mojang account.

You can change your username’s spelling or capitalization according to your choice. If you have changed your Minecraft username and then want to change it again, the second time you have to wait for one month then you can change your username again.

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General steps to Change Minecraft username

The easiest way to change Minecraft username is mentioned given below:

  • Open the page of your Mojang account. Find the option of change link present adjacent to your Minecraft username.
  • Select the name you want to be.

If you are using an older Minecraft account then you are not able to change your Minecraft username. You must have to migrate your older account to Mojang so you can change your Minecraft username. Migration of older accounts to Mojang is free. 

Minecraft usernames are very unique and you cannot use a name that is already used by another Minecraft player. If the other player changes his name even then you cannot use his old name immediately. You must have to wait at least 37 days after that you would be able to use another person’s username.

Unpaid Username

In the initial time of Minecraft, the players can free register their usernames even before getting a paid game. But these unpaid usernames are deleted by the Mojang system after some time and the customers who are paying for registration of usernames can snatch those names.

If you have an old unpaid username and you want to use that then you should consider the following recommendations that are provided by the Mojang:

  • Firstly ensure that your unpaid Minecraft account is accessible to you, to access your old unpaid account on  Minecraft you need your registered email address on that account. If you are not getting access to the username of your unpaid account then you should contact the customer support of Minecraft and provide them with your registered email address. They will set your old unpaid username to a new email address.
  • If you don’t have an old Minecraft account then you should have to register a new Mojang account. Go to “” to register your Mojang account.  Each Mojang account has a Minecraft username so you may have more than one Minecraft username or many Minecraft accounts.
  • To purchase a Minecraft account get a gift code from “ You can also buy a prepaid Minecraft card from a retailer which would be used to purchase Minecraft.  You need gift codes or prepaid cards for upgrading your old usernames.
  • An option of importing an old username is present when a person is redeeming his or her prepaid card or gift code at “

Changing your Minecraft username does not affect any other settings or features of your Minecraft account. You will remain banned from a server if you were before, your whitelist will remain as it is along with pets, stats, and inventory. 

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