How To Reset An Android Phone That Is Locked Step By Step Guideline


A need comes when we have to access the data stored in our phone but we cannot because our phone is locked accidentally by us. Then we become worried as we don’t know any information about it. At this stage, a person wants to have access to his data and is willing to do anything. 

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Sometimes a user did some foolish act at this time but sometimes he thinks about it and searches for ways that help him to find how I can unlock my phone? When a person locks his phone and wants to reset it then first of all he wants to know the answer to the question: how can I unlock my phone

In this article, we have discussed some methods that a person can follow to reset the android phone when locked. Some people think it is impossible to unlock my phone or reset the phone when locked but that’s not true and the given article is evidence of it.

How to reset my locked Android phone with a PC?

When a person wants to reset his phone when it is locked then there is a possibility that he can reset the phone with a PC. The steps are given below:

  • First of all, we have to connect our device with a program then download the software on the computer and open it. Connect it to the PC by using a USB.
  • Then we have to select the ‘Erase mode’. Then we are allowed to wipe data, wipe all the android data permanently and this is how we can reset the android device with a PC.

How to reset a locked Android phone?

A person can easily reset his android device when locked and all the data in our android will be deleted permanently. Below are the steps to reset an android device :

Manually reset the locked android phone

We can reset a locked android phone manually by following the given steps:

  • We have to hold and press the power and volume down button for some time then a boot menu will appear on the screen. We have to select the option of ‘Recovery Mode’ by moving up and down using the volume up and down button.
  • Then we have to press the power button to select the recovery mode option. Then press the power button for a few seconds and then tap on the volume up button. Here we have to go to the Factory reset/wipe data and select it by pressing the power button.

How to reset a phone which is locked out?

We can rest our phone by using Find my phone. It’s a very simple method and we have to follow the instructions given below:

Reset phone using Find my phone

Here are the steps for resetting a Samsung android phone using Find my phone:

  • First of all, we have to connect our phone with a PC. From other devices search for my phone on the Samsung website and log in.
  • On the main page, we have to click on ‘Unlock’.Now enter the password and click unlock.


A situation comes when a person has to reset his phone when locked, then he panics as he doesn’t know how I can reset the phone when locked or how I can unlock my phone. The above article is all about resetting an android phone without unlocking it. We reset our phone manually or by using our google account. There is also a possibility to reset an android phone by using a 4uKey or a google account.


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