How To Reset Google Chromecast Step By Step


Whenever a person tries to reset the Chromecast then the device is restored to the factory settings. This is the remedy for almost all devices facing software-related issues. Chromecast is considered the most simple device while the advanced features that are present in it are not very much intuitive. 

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If a person is facing different problems and issues in the Google Chromecast then the best solution is to reset it. Resetting Google Chromecast will move the settings back to default settings and hence Google Chromecast will start working as a fresh device.

How do I reset my Chromecast?

If a person is thinking about how to reset Google Chromecast, specifically the first generation then there are two options available on the internet. A person can reset using the reset button or by using an application present in the Google home. A step by step quick guideline of both of the processes is available below:

Reset Button

To reset the Google Chromecast using the reset button then you have to hold the down reset button. This button is needed to be held until the LED of the Chromecast would become red. We can say we need to hold the reset button for almost 25 to 30 seconds. The user needs to keep holding the button unless the LED light turns white from red.

When the TV screen becomes blank and the LED light turns white this means that the device is going to restart. When you are confirmed about restarting the device you can just release the button. If a person wants to look at the reset button then it is present just beside the charging port and when the device is completely reset a person can configure the Chromecast.

Google Home application

To reset the Chromecast using the Google home application is a very quick and easy process as you just need to move towards the Google home application present in the device. Click on your desired Chromecast device and select the ‘Settings’.

Now click on the three vertical dots of the ‘More’ options at the upper right side of the screen and select the ‘Factory reset option. At last, you have to select the option of ‘Factory reset’ one more time and this will confirm the process of resetting the Google Chromecast.

How do I relink Google Chromecast?

If a person wants to relink the Google Chromecast then the best solution is by rebooting the Chromecast. To avail of the rebooting option just selects the reboot option from the device. You can also reset the Chromecast by selecting the settings application and then clicking the three dots that would be present on the upper right side.

Now you just need to select the option of factory reset and in this way whole of the factory, data will be reset in a few seconds.

How do I fix my Google Chromecast?

A person may experience different issues in the Chromecast hence it is needed to resolve the issues immediately. To resolve the issues it is important to confirm whether the Chromecast is connected to the Wi-Fi network or not. 

Then check the extender cable of HDMI which is given to the user along with the Chromecast. Now reset the Chromecast by pressing the reset button for almost 25 to 30 seconds. Sometimes resetting the router or the modem will also solve different problems of the Chromecast.


If a person has faced different issues in the Google Chromecast then resetting the device would be a better option. A person can easily reset Google Chromecast by following the steps mentioned above. Experts always suggest resetting the device if you have purchased it in the second-hand market.


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