How To Resolve WhatsApp Web Not Opening Issues On PC


WhatsApp is the most used chatting app. WhatsApp has launched attractive features and updates occur from time to time. WhatsApp has launched a desktop version of WhatsApp and you can also enjoy WhatsApp from your browser. If any person wants to use WhatsApp on his or her PC then he or she should go for the desktop app version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp web which can be easily accessible from any browser of your PC. 

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To use the desktop version of the app you have to first install it on your PC and then you have to scan the QR code that will appear on your PC home screen when you open WhatsApp. While using WhatsApp web you do not need to install the desktop version just open your browser and navigate to and then the procedure is the same as the desktop app.

Why is the WhatsApp web not opening on the PC?

Normally WhatsApp web works perfectly but sometimes a bug may be noticed and it does not work whatever you try. But you can try the following tricks and tips to resolve the issue as described below:

Ensure mobile WhatsApp app is working: To fix the problem first of all ensure that the WhatsApp app present on your mobile phone is working by sending a message to anyone. Your WhatsApp app on your phone is dependent on the actual messaging app as it is a wrapper of it so it may be the reason that your WhatsApp web doesn’t show QR code. 

By turning on and then off the airplane mode also resolves WhatsApp web not working issues on PC. You can turn off and then on Wi-Fi if you are using the Wi-Fi network or toggle the mobile data option If you are using cellular mobile data on your phone. 

Sign out and sign in again WhatsApp web session: If you are thinking how can I reset WhatsApp web? It is a very simple process and reactivating WhatsApp web session can sometimes fix the issue you can easily do it by following the given procedure:

  • Open any internet browser on your PC and go to WhatsApp Web. When the WhatsApp web opens click on three horizontal dots present at the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • A drop-down menu will open, select the Log out option from the options, and then your WhatsApp web account will log out.
  • Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone and tap on 3 horizontal dots present at the top right corner of a mobile screen. A drop-down menu will appear select WhatsApp web from the options. 
  • Now take your mobile in front of the QR code that appears on your PC and scan it as the camera will open automatically after tapping on WhatsApp web. Your WhatsApp account will be re-login into the WhatsApp web

Delete your Browser’s Cookies: If it is the browser that is causing the problem then it will fix it by removing cookies. You have to log in and log out every time you want to use WhatsApp web so it may take time to be open. To clear cookies in your Google Chrome click on three dots present at the upper right corner of the Google Chrome screen and then choose the settings option from the given menu. 

Another screen will open from where click on Advanced and then ch Clear browsing data option. You can select the time range and then click on boxes in front of cookies and other site data and then select the clear data option.

Other methods: Along with the above-mentioned things you can also fix the problem by disabling the VPN service if you are using any VPN on your PC. You can use internet troubleshooting on your PC. You may change your network settings on your PC  as sometimes your firewall or network settings are resisting the WhatsApp web to be loaded. 


If you are using WhatsApp web on your computer browser then there is a chance that at some point it will stick and not work properly. You need to try some solutions to fix the problem such as you can clear your browsing cookies, check for networks or disable VPN and then try again.


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