How To Resolve Wifi Not Working Issue


Wifi is the latest wireless internet providing service that provides internet facilities to the users. You can connect Wifi Internet to any internet using devices, including your mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and even cameras and printers.

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Sometimes we are connected to WiFi but the internet is not working. We have been facing this internet not connected issue for many years and there is no single step to resolve the problem. 

A lot of factors can be involved in Wifi linked but internet not connected error. Whatever the reason is, it may not be appearing or you can not easily find it out. It may be due to changes in the mobile, laptop, or settings of the router.  You can test the following steps or tricks to resolve the problem.

Problems from the router side

First of all ensure that the problem is coming from the router side, connect other devices to wifi, and check whether all the devices show internet not connected issues. If all the devices get no internet then fix your router. 

The best way you can use it is by restarting your router because restarting the router will fix all the small issues such as it will delete the cache and automatically fixes all the software and network issues.

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In case the modem and router are different devices then you have to restart both of them. Turn off them at the same time then wait for at least 1 minute. Then firstly turn on the modem and then after 1 minute start the router. Then check the internet.

Internet connection

There is a chance that all of your devices are working properly but the problem is with the internet connection which is not controllable. There is a chance that the internet service does not continue or the cable is broken. 

To check whether the problem is with the internet connection check the light of the internet on the modem device. The modem has DSL and power lights which should always be turned on. If the internet light is not on or it is continuously blinking it means the internet connection is not good. To fix this contact your internet provider service. 

Problem from device 

When you check other devices and all other devices get access to the internet, it means that the problem is with your device or with the device’s adapter. Firstly restart the device if after restarting the problem do not get solved then follow the following steps:

  1. Go to “Task tray” of the window and at the bottom right side of the screen select “network icon”
  1. Select the “troubleshooting problems” option
  1. Automatically searching of the problem will be starting and if any problem found then it will be automatically fixed
  1. If the window is unable to fix the problem then it will tell you about the problem and what it is.

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DNS cache

It saves all the information about the recently opened websites and when you open the browser it will load all the recent pages. 

Banners, advertisements, and some third-party software can corrupt the DNS cache. A corrupted cache will not let the device connect with the internet properly and your device shows the internet not connected error. To fix the problem you have to delete all the cache memory by following the given steps:

  1. Press window key + R from keyboard
  1. Type “cmd” in the box to access the command prompt
  1. Type the ” ipconfig/flushdns” command in the command prompt and press enter button. All the dns cache will be deleted
  1. Restart your computer and check Internet availability

Above are some common ways to fix internet not connected but wifi connection error. Visit our website for more interesting and helpful articles.


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