How To Rotate A Video On An Android Phone Complete Guideline


If a person is using a tablet or mobile phone then you can use Google photos if you want to rotate video that is recorded by you in a different direction. The only thing that a person needs for it, is to have a Google account and a person must have a Google photos application which is installed on the device. 

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Most different Android phones have a Google photos application which is pre-installed in the Google suite and then links the suit with your Google account. 

How to rotate a video on an Android?

If you want to rotate a video on your Android device then there are two major steps that you have to follow. The first step is to upload the video on Google photos and then you can easily rotate it using the Google photos application. 


For uploading a video to Google photos open up the gallery on your Android device and select the video which you want to work on using the Google photos application. Select an icon of ‘share’ and then directly tap on the option of ‘upload to photos’. 

If a person is using multiple accounts on an Android device then select the desired account where you want to upload the video. In this way, a person has successfully uploaded the video to the Google photos application now we move towards rotating the video.


If you want to upload a video to a Google account to change its direction then you have to open up the Google Photos application on your Android device and touch the search bar present on the screen. Select the ‘videos’ option from the given options and then select the desired video which you want to upload on Google photos. 

At the lower part of the screen, there is a slider bar icon. Just open it and select the ‘rotate’ option. Keep on clicking the rotate option until finding the correct orientation of the video. Select the ‘save’ option to save the video in the desired orientation.

How do I rotate a large video file?

If you want to rotate your video which is quite large then it is encouraged to first add the video. First, click on the option of adding your video and then upload the video to rotate it using a fast reel. Use the left and right buttons to rotate the video left right in 90 degrees as you want. 

The rotational buttons will keep on rotating the video with each click. At last, just save the video of your desired result and select the continue button for more work on the video.

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How to rotate and save a video online?

If you want to rotate a video then you need to save the video online. Open up the video or a film that you want to rotate and add the content in the Google Drive or Dropbox present in the device. Invert the video and then move it upside down for the first time. 

Now download the video to have the desired result. It is encouraged that a person must check the video to see that the desired result is gained or not.


If a person wants to rotate photos then the best option is Google photos but for rotating videos, different apps are available in the market. The fault of third-party applications is that they have a lot of ad problems and a person needs to pay for them if you want to have their services. 

A person may experience different issues in usability for rotating a video in a third-party application. The best and the most popular applications for rotating videos are ‘smart video rotate and flip’ etc.


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