How To Run Android Apps On PC Without Using Any Software


Technology has advanced so much that everything has become possible in this world. All the features and applications are present in our hands as in our mobile devices.

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A person can access all the things present in one device using the other device just by the internet connectivity or logging in to our google or other personal accounts on browsers.

Most of the time people like to use computers more than mobile devices as they don’t need to hold the mobile for a long time. The bigger screen of the computer is the best attraction for the ones with eyesight problems as it causes the relaxation of the eyes and people don’t need to focus on small screens.

Sometimes the apps that are installed in our android phones need to be used on computers. If a person doesn’t want to install an app on a computer but still wants to work on it on a computer then the situation becomes critical.

To solve this problem we have some ways for you by following which you can run an android app on a personal computer without installing any software.

Most of the people who belong to education as well as business sectors want to work on mobiles and computers. Without installing extra software on the computer work can be made easy just in a few steps.

The sad reality is that most people don’t know about it and keep on installing a lot of software on the computer causing the system to slow down. The following article will help to run an android app without installing software on the computer.

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Different people have different reasons for not installing apps on the computer while running an android app. The following steps are required to use an android application on a computer without installing software:

  • Find the chrome browser present on your computer and click on the browser to open it. There would be the option of an app at the upper left side of the browser screen. Find the Web Store from the apps and tap on it. A search bar will appear on the screen then type ‘Android Online Emulator’ in the search engine.
  • A person can also add the extension of the Android online Emulator by clicking ‘Add to Chrome’. Just click on the upper right side of the screen where an android icon was added recently. A person is needed to select the type of the app as it might be the online search app, you want to run your app or you want to upload your app.
  • In this way, a person can get entertained by different apps using a personal computer without a mobile.


This is the best way to use an app on a computer without installing software.

This article contains all the information regarding how to run an Android app on a personal computer without using the software. If you find any queries or want to learn more about it then follow our official website.


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