How To Save Mobile Data While Using Spotify Step By Step Complete Guideline


Spotify is a popular application to enjoy music in one place. You can enjoy any type of music from classical to fast music in just a few clicks according to your taste. Only 2 MB is required to stream a 3-minute song on the Spotify application. If you want to use the Spotify application for an hour it would take 40 MB. 

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This is not a very high percentage of MBs but if we calculate it for a month it consumes 1.2 GB of internet. In this way, the Spotify application will use a lot of mobile data. If a person just wants to enjoy music without wasting a lot of mobile data during traveling or any free time. A quick guideline is mentioned below to save mobile data while using the Spotify application.

Is there a way to save data while listening to Spotify?

There is a simple way to save mobile data while using the Spotify application. Spotify is giving chances to the users that they can freely adjust the quality of their songs during streaming. As we all know high-quality music will use more data while low-quality music will engulf less data. If you learn how to save mobile data while using the Spotify application then the steps are given below:

  • Open up the Spotify application present in the device and select the ‘Settings‘ button that would be present on the main screen. The settings option may be in the form of a gear icon present at the top right side of the screen.
  • After entering the settings menu you will find an option of ‘Data saver’. Select the data saver option and the toggle will be present beside the data saver option. If you want to listen to the podcasts along with music then turn on the toggle to the audio-only podcast.  
  • This option will make sure that whenever you are using the Spotify application the application will use less data. The less data usage has a restriction that the video would be static during streaming.

Can you use Spotify with mobile data?

If you are thinking of using Spotify on mobile data but don’t know the correct process then we will help you in this regard. Just open up Spotify, at the main menu of Spotify you will find a gear icon of settings present at the upper right side of the screen. Select the option of music quality and under the option of download, you will find a toggle. You need to toggle to the right side of the option ‘download using Cellular’. This option will turn on the use of Spotify on mobile data.

How can I save data while listening to music?

If you want to save mobile data while listening to streaming music then it is a simple process. If you are an Android user select the library option present at the lower right side of the Spotify application. After that, a cog icon would be present in the upper right corner of the settings.

Move down in the menu of music quality and you will find a drop-down box. Select the dropdown box which will be present beside the streaming option. Select normal quality from the options this will save mobile data while using the Spotify application.


Spotify is the best application for streaming music in this era. People always search to save time, data and try to enjoy the world. If a person wants to save mobile data while using the Spotify application then it is a good step. A personal collection of a user can be very helpful to save mobile data as you can upload it to ‘my music library.

This step will minimize the use of data on a device along with the better quality of music. This will save the mobile data for a longer period and hence streaming would become more enjoyable.


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