How To Screenshot On iPhone X Step By Step


The iPhone company has been attracting an audience for many years but the latest models of Apple are still following the footsteps of the device. The biggest change which the audience witnessed in Apple’s flagship is that the home button is removed in some of the devices. The removal of the home button is a noticeable exception. 

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If a person is just upgraded from an old to the latest iPhone model then certain changes are witnessed by the person. Due to the physical changes a person needs to learn how to take a screenshot on iPhone X. It’s present between all the models of iPhone because learning the new process is easy. The steps which clearly explain how to take a screenshot and iPhone X are explained in the below article.

How do you screenshot an iPhone X?

Learning how to take a screenshot on an iPhone X is very simple with a power button and volume down button. The problem with this procedure is that it is very common and the devices without a power button cause the failure of this procedure. iPhone series have been able to take a screenshot using the assistive touch method which is quite simple and easy. The steps that are involved in the assistive touch method to take screenshots are given below:

  • Open up the main menu of the device and then tap on the ‘settings’ icon present in the options. In the settings menu, you will find different options but you need to select the ‘accessibility’ option and then open up the option of ‘Touch’. Different options will appear on the screen and select the option of ‘assistive touch’ and then tap on the toggle which would be present beside the assistive touch which turned it on. 
  • When the toggle of the assistive touch is turned on then you will witness a button at the bottom of the screen. By selecting this button a menu will appear on the screen including different options. select the ‘Device’ option that would be present in the pop-up menu and after that select ‘More’ from the options. An option of the screenshot will appear on the screen, you need to select that option and a flash will appear along with the shutter sound. 
  • You will see a thumbnail present at the lower side of the screen after a few seconds. If a person wants to customize the menu for the screenshot then select the option of ‘customized top-level menu’ after assistive touch. This will allow you to add a symbol or a new button on the screen specifically for the screenshot. You can add different options along with a screenshot to appear on the screen as a button.

How do I change the screenshot button on my iPhone X?

If a person wants to change the screenshot button on an iPhone X then it is important to move towards the touch screen setting. Move down in the touch screen settings menu until an option of ‘back tap’ appears on the screen. 

In the menu of the back tap, you will see different options specifically for the action of the screenshot. As there would be an option whether you want to do double-tap or triple-tap or any other action according to your desire. You can choose the action of your desire and this will be applied whenever you want to take a screenshot.

Why can’t I take a screenshot on my iPhone X?

If you are an iPhone X user and don’t know how to take a screenshot on an iPhone then the guideline is simple. Open up the settings of the device and then click on the general settings of an iPhone. Select the accessibility option and scroll down until you reach an option of assistive touch. 

You need to turn on the assistive touch option and then move towards the customized top-level menu. In this menu you need to click on the option of 3D touch action and a list of actions will appear on the screen. In the 3D touch action list, you need to select an option from the screenshot. In this way, you will be able to take a screenshot on iPhone X.


Different ways are present in the market to learn how to take a screenshot on iPhone X but nobody will explain how to find them on the device or how to share or edit a screenshot. iPhone X automatically saves the screenshot in a folder named screenshots.

This folder will also keep the ones that are dismissed by you and you can just edit and share the screenshot from the folder as the options of adding makeup, resizing, or cropping are also available in the menu.


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