How To Set Gboard Theme As Per The Wallpaper Step By Step


An application of Google for keyboard known as Gboard is considered as one of the most popular keyboard applications. Initially, it was only for iOS users but now android users can also facilitate through it. Due to better haptics and features present in the Gboard people like to rely on it rather than other brand’s keyboards. Google introduced different features in its application and recently it has introduced different features of themes in Gboard.

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A person can use the in-built themes of Gboard, download themes online, and can use a picture of his own as a theme of Gboard. But now Google has updated its Gboard theme in a way that you can update the theme of your Gboard just according to the wallpaper of your device. The update came in the market along with the new Android update and it was unexpected for the media as people were expecting a feature to copy the screenshot in the clipboard of the Gboard.

The new designs of Gboard are known as ‘Material You’ as the ‘you’ is used especially for Personalization. The new feature of the Gboard is needed to turn on and when a person enables it, it works automatically. A person needs to do nothing just to enable the feature and Gboard will change its theme just exactly according to the color of the wallpaper.

How do I change the theme of my Gboard?

If a person wants to learn how to set the Gboard theme according to the wallpaper then the steps are given below:

  • Move towards the Google search for Chrome engine to enable the feature of theme on Gboard. You can also move towards the menu of the Gboard by opening an application on the device. You need to choose one of the above-given options to proceed with the process of enabling theme features on Gboard.
  • Now you need to select the three dots that would be present on the upper part of the Gboard. Select ‘Themes menu’ that would be present there. If the device has Android 12 then you will be able to see an option of ‘Dynamic Colour’ in the new options. Select the dynamic color option and you can see different default themes under this option.
  • When you select the option then the system will ask a question from you whether you want to turn on or turn off the borders of the keyboard. You can set it according to your desire and taste. At last, just select the ‘Apply’ option that would be present in a box at the lower side of the screen. Now you will start observing that the Gboard will start following the color scheme of the wallpaper of your device.

How do I create a custom Gboard theme?

To create a custom keyboard theme then first select the Themes option. If you want an image to become a Gboard theme then select the option of ‘custom’. After selecting the Custom option, the phone’s gallery will appear on the screen now you need to select the desired photo. At last, if you want to use a theme then you can select the image which would be present in the landscape. In this way, you can create a custom keyboard theme within a few seconds.

Can you have a theme and a wallpaper?

Themes and wallpapers are two different things and we cannot correlate them as themes are as different as wallpapers. Themes are the features in a device that can change color icons and many more. On the other hand, wallpapers are the features that allow you to set the image in the background which would be visible on the screen. Themes and wallpapers have different functions for changing them.


To set a Gboard theme is very simple as you just need to open up the Gboard settings in the device and select the themes option. You will see different themes present in the layout of the Gboard. A person can add a picture to the present Gboard theme to apply it. Now you can select the desired theme and it will be visible in the background of the Gboard.


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