How To Setup And Install D”Link DAP 1520 Device From Your Mobile Phone Or Computer


If you live in a bog house and don’t get internet connection in all parts of your home, then D-Link DAP 1520 is the best choice that provides you strong internet connection signals with a wide range. DLink DAP 1520 is a wireless internet connection extender device that is best for home or small offices. 

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By using this device you can enjoy dual-band technology of 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz and an internet speed of 750 MBs per second. It provides multiple features with wide ranges. The device is small in size and has a very attractive look but you can’t underestimate its functionality by only noticing its small size.

A LED indicator is present on the device that indicates the connection status. It supports WiFi protection of WPA and WPA-2. It takes hardly 2 minutes to set up your. There are different ways to set up the device such as by using mobile apps, through WiFi protection, and by online browsing. All the methods are given below.

QRS mobile app

You can easily set up your DLink DAP 1520 device by using the QRS app on your tablet or Android phone. Follow the given steps to set the device through the mobile app:

  • Open the play store and search for the QRS app and download it on your device. You can also download the app by using the QR code present on the device if you don’t find the app on the play store.
  • Connect your wifi internet connection by entering the password and then open the app. Tap on the start button and wait until the extender will be detected by the app, the app will scan the available networks. From the list of available networks click on the network which you want to extend. 
  • You have to set your name and password two times, one for 2.4 GHZ and 2nd time for 5 GHz. Here you can set the login password for web configuration also. Tap on the “save” option and reboot the device. A confirmation message will appear on the mobile screen when the setup is completed.

WPS ( Wifi protected setup)

If you are willing to set up your device in a secure way then the WPS method is the best choice. Place your DLink DAP 1520 device near the router and turn it on. A small button is present under the router, keep pressing it for 2 seconds, keep pressing the WPS button on the device also for 2 seconds, and wait until it connects and starts working.

Online browsing

You can easily connect your DLink DAP 1520 device with the router by using an Internet browser. Before starting the process ensure that the extender is in the range of the router and follow the given steps:

  • Connect your mobile device to the WiFi network by entering the password of wifi. Go to any internet browser and type “dlink.local” in the search bar and hit the search option. 
  • A login page will appear on the browser screen, type “Admin” in the password box, and hit the login button. When you are logging in for the first time the browser will open the setup wizard page directly. After successful connection, a tick mark will form on the screen in green color but if a cross mark appears then you need to set it up by hitting the router icon. 

How to set up my Dlink router without using a computer?

If you don’t have a computer or desktop then you can use the mobile app method, or you can open an internet browser on your mobile device

How do I reset my D-Link DAP-1520?

A pinhole is present near the reset button on the device, insert a pin into the pinhole and press, hold the reset button also for a few seconds until the indicator light turns red. Now the extender device will be reset too by default factory settings.


DLink DAP 1520 device is the latest internet connection extender, you can set up the mini Device easily by using your computer or mobile device. You can set it either by using an app on your mobile or internet browser of your computer or mobile device.


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