How To Show Steps On An Apple Watch Free


As development is taking place in the world at a huge rate hence everything in the world is gradually upgrading. Similarly, people are enjoying the features of a smartwatch and fitness tracker in a single gadget that is known as the ‘Apple Watch’.

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Due to this amazing invention, people cannot only set alarms and reminders but also have a great facility to track the workouts and activities performed by us. But the only problem that a lot of people are facing is that it does not show the step count.

There are a lot of people who like to watch their activities and workouts at the same time just by lifting their hands but the apple watch is not providing them an interface to have a look at their activities. In the given article, we are going to discuss some ways that a person can follow to show the steps on an apple watch.

Show step counts

A lot of people are very concerned about the activities and hence want to show the step counts on their apple watch but they don’t have an interface to do so. If a person points to show steps on an apple watch then this method contains two broad steps that are given below:

  • Finding the right face watch:

The first step involves moving to the watch app on a device and then selecting the face gallery. Then we have to move down to options for activity, GMT, or infographics. Then some watch faces will appear, we have to select one of them. We have to select the option named ‘Add’ so that the particular watch face is saved into our collection. Then move to ‘My watch tab’ and then select the option ‘Set as current watch face’.

  • Adding complication:

First of all, we have to download and install the app named ‘Diffy’ on our iPhone then move to the edit mode, long press on the watch face on the watch. To move to the complication page, swipe to the left side and then select the ‘Duffy’ app from the supported apps list.

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How do I display my step count on my apple watch?

There are a lot of people who want to know how they can display their step count on their Apple watch. The answer to this question is pretty simple and easy. A person can follow the given steps to display step count on an apple watch:

  • First of all, we have to access the app’s screen by selecting the digital crown option. Here we will see the ‘Activity’ icon, we have to select it.
  • Now, to have access to steps, we have to use a digital crown to move down until we reach the option named ‘TOTAL STEPS’.

How do I put steps on my apple watch?

A lot of people want to know that how they can put steps on Apple watch a person can follow the given steps to easily put steps on his Apple watch: 

  • To take steps, a person has to open the health app and move to the browser of the app. Here we have a facility to look for the steps. After searching them, select the steps and then click on ‘Add data’.
  • We will be asked to enter the number of steps that we want to add. We also have the facility to change the date and time of our entry. After this, we have to click on ‘Add’ and then select the option ‘Confirm’.


The people having an Apple watch usually face a common problem: it does not show them the steps. Many people are very concerned about their activities and hence they want to have a look at them at a glance just by lifting their hands. But they are unaware of how to show steps on an apple watch? A person can follow the steps mentioned above to show the steps on their apple watch.


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