How To Stop Google Chrome From Constantly Logging Out A Person From The Device


Some people face the problem that Google Chrome is constantly logging out from the device. As it becomes very common that Google logs out thousands of users from the device. This is creating a hectic routine where you keep signing in to Chrome by inserting the credentials from time to time. No doubt it is an annoying process especially when Chrome is the default browser and you need to use it frequently. 

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Google accounts as well as Chrome is tied in an unbreakable chain. Google has listed different reasons behind this logging out of users from Chrome. The user needs to have a look at all these reasons and their solutions which Google has mentioned. The guideline relieves a lot to such users as working on simple solutions would make this hectic thing smooth.

How to stop Chrome from logging me out?

There are different methods and reasons when a person is facing the problem of constantly logging out from Chrome. Some of the reasons along with their solution are given below:

  • Sometimes when the sync option is enabled it lets the constant log out of Chrome. Sync option autofills different information, websites, along with the history of the device, and helps users to stay in the same account. Sometimes due to different reasons, this option is the one that causes them to log out of Chrome. Move towards the settings of the device and turn off the sync option. After restarting the device the issue will be fixed.

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  • Google Chrome has a feature that asks users to keep it in the same account when it is turned on. A person needs to check the sign-in settings by moving towards the settings of the device. Select the sync option and then tap on the Google services. Drag the toggle to enable Chrome to let you sign in to the device.
  • It is a very rare problem that people keep on removing from the device due to Google extensions. Go to the settings and then select the more tools. Tap on the option of extensions and remove all the extensions to check whether they are causing any problem or not. If you find that anything else is causing the problem then enable the extensions again.

Why is Chrome signing me out all the time?

If you are facing a problem that Google is signing out of you from the device then you should try these steps. It is suggested to assure that the cookies are turned on in the device. If the cookies are turned on then you should clear all the browser catch data. You should note while deleting the cookies from the device that it will resolve the problem but it is going to remove all the save settings about sites in the device.

How do I stay signed in to Chrome?

If you want to stay signed in, in Chrome for a longer period then you are suggested to follow the given steps. Head towards any site of your choice and then remain signed- in there. Type the username and password of your account and then select the check box of ‘stay signed in. Sometimes you will see an option of ‘remember me’ as this will allow you to stay signed in to Chrome devices for a longer period.


If a person is facing the problem of logging out from the device’s Chrome then there must be different reasons behind it. The main reason behind the constant logging out from Chrome is the outdated Chrome version. If Chrome has an old version then this is more vulnerable to viruses.

A user must press three dots at the top right side of the Chrome screen and then select the option of help. After selecting the option of Chrome a user must know that Chrome is an updated version or the outdated version. By following the above-mentioned steps a person can wipe out this problem in just a few minutes.


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