How To Stop Skype From Automatically Starting On Windows 10


In this busy world, every person wants to be in touch with their loved ones. There are many ways in which one person can contact their acquaintances. The best way is to video conference with them on skype. A person can video call any other person easily and be a part of his good and bad time of life.

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As a lot of people started using this app on Windows 10, skype also becomes advanced and advanced from time to time. Skype has updated a lot but the issue that remains the same is that it works a lot on the resources of Windows 10 however it should not. 

There is a feature that automatically starts launching on Windows 10 and starts working on it on the background screen. It becomes a problem for people with a less powerful computer. For this, they have to learn how to stop the automatic startup of skype.

Stop Auto-updating 

The one  solution to this problem is to disable the app from working on background from ‘Setting’ by following these steps:

1.Click on the button ‘Start’.By typing ‘Setting’, the option of ‘Setting app’ will appear. Select it.

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2.Select ‘Privacy’ from System Setting Windows.

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3.By scrolling down in the ‘Privacy’ setting we will see a section named ‘App Permission’ in the left menu. Click on ‘Background Apps.

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Skype ,Automatically ,Windows 10,Stop ,stop skype from automatically,stop skype from starting,

4. By scrolling down the ‘Background App’. Switch Off the Skype toggle.

Skype ,Automatically ,Windows 10,Stop ,stop skype from automatically,stop skype from starting,

By doing this, skype will stop launching on Windows 10 whenever you turn on your computer. If you want ‘Video Conferencing’ on skype then launch it from the menu at the start.

Alternative options for Starting 

There are some more ways to stop launching this app when the computer is turned On. We can stop skype from starting up by removing it from the ‘startup’ folder. Let’s have look at the steps that we can follow to prevent skype from startup:

1.Click on the ‘Start button and then select ‘Startup Apps’ after typing ‘Startup’.

2.A list will appear, go down unless the skype option appears, and then switch the skype toggle off.

Stop Auto-updating skype in Skype setting

We can also prevent the startup of skype from inside the software. For this purpose follow the steps written below:

  1. Sign in to your skype and click on three dots on the right side of the profile picture and select ‘Setting’ from there.
  1. From the left menu click on ‘General’.Then ‘Automatically Start Skype’ option will appear on the right side below ‘Startup’ and ‘Close section’.Click on the ‘Setting’ button on the right side.
  1. Same startup settings will appear as in the above section to manage Skype Startup Status. After this go down to the ‘Skype’ option and switch it to Off.

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Further Startup settings

When we do any change in Skype settings, we will see that all the settings have their impact on the starting and ending of the skype video conference.

Let’s have look at them:

1.Allow Skype to Run in the Background: We can make it possible to launch skype in the background. The skype will start running in the background and the icon of skype will start appearing on the screen which symbolizes that skype is running in the background of the screen. Hence always remember to turn off the skype when you don’t want it to run in the background.

2.  Skype Keeps Running on Closing Devise: This feature is also very disturbing. Skype keeps running although you have turned off your device and the icon keeps appearing on the ‘Screen Notification Area’. To stop skype from running in the background we can turn it off from ‘Settings’.

After changing the setting if you kept seeing the icon on the ‘Notification area’ then simply you have to quit that program again.

Ways to  Reduce Disturbance in Skype:

The feature that allows Skype to startup at the beginning is somehow a cause of disturbance for the user. The only solution to this problem is that we should open the app for a specific time just for video conferencing or to conduct a meeting with our knowns. We don’t have to make it run all the time in the background. 

We can switch Off this setting by following the above-mentioned steps. Make sure to know the ways to fully disable the skype icon from the notification area.


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