How To Stream A Game On Twitch On Your PC


When we talk about game streaming, Twitch is the name that clicks in our minds as Twitch is considered the most famous and bigger game streaming service on the internet. By using Twitch You get a platform where you can play a game in front of a huge audience or you can watch a game with your friends on it. 

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Twitch enables its users to stream publicly easily as a lot of people watch game broadcasting daily. But if you do not want to broadcast publicly, you can use the “Stream’s built-in Broadcasting” feature of Twitch to broadcast your stream privately.

By using “Stream’s built-in Broadcasting feature” of Twitch a user can restrict his or her streaming so the other audience does not watch it, only some streaming friends can watch it.

Make money on Twitch

Game streaming is a passion or hobby but you can use it as a profession to earn money. You can make money on Twitch through viewer donations, crowdfunding subscriptions, or by using Twitch bits. 

According to a list ranking of rich gamers, Nickmercs is the richest streamer on Twitch with 236,478 Tier 3 earnings. You can also use brand sponsorship ads to earn money. You can also make money from marketing, selling games on Twitch. You should have a minimum of 50 followers, live streaming history of 500 minutes in the last 30 days.

How to stream on Twitch PC

To know how to stream on Twitch PC you must ensure some things. Some of the games on the computer support Twitch streaming but most of the PC games do not support Twitch. In that case, you have to use a third-party program to broadcast your streaming. “Open Broadcaster Software” is a third-party streaming program that you can use to broadcast your gameplay on Twitch.

Requirements to stream on Twitch PC

To broadcast your gameplay on PC some Twitch requirements must be fulfilled to perform streaming smoothly. You should use powerful hardware to stream on Twitch such as Intel Core i5-4670 and Windows 7 or any new one.  It is recommended to use a faster CPU with more RAM capacity. 

You should also use an efficient internet connection with more upload bandwidth. For streaming on Twitch, graphics cards are not much necessary to consider but according to Twitch, they must be compatible with Direct X 10.

Follow the given steps to know how to stream on Twitch PC:

  • Go to the Twitch website “Twitch. tv” to create your Twitch account. You can read community guidelines before creating an account. Sign up and fill the form on your PC and your Twitch account will be created. Next to get your private key go to the dashboard of your Twitch profile and select the”stream key” option and then click on the “show key” option.
  • Install the OBS on your desktop and add a game capture source to the scene by right-clicking in the source box and add game capture. Click on create new option and type the name of the source whatever you want and then select ok. From the mode select “capture any full-screen application” so the game will capture on the full screen automatically and select ok.
  • Start a full-screen game on your desktop, you can see its preview in the OBS window. If you don’t see a preview then right-click in the Window and ensure that the preview option is checked. If you want you can select the audio which you want to be broadcast, go to the mixer panel of the OBS window, and adjust the settings according to your choice.
  • You can add video from your webcam by right-clicking in the source box then selecting the add option and add the “video capture device” and click ok. After adjusting the above settings, select the settings option from the bottom right corner of the OBS window then click the file. 

From the stream, section Select the stream type as streaming services. Select Twitch as a service and add the stream key which you got from the Twitch website. Select the closest server and then click the ok option to save the settings.

  • Go to the output section, where you can adjust bitrate and encoder for the streaming settings, or otherwise, you can use default settings. Then your Twitch is linked with OBS, to start streaming click the “start streaming” option from the obs window.


To know how to stream on Twitch pc you must know what OBS is and how to link OBS with your Twitch account. You have to get the streaming key from your Twitch account and put it into the obs window after adjusting its settings. 

You can add the title and status of your stream on the dashboard of Twitch. tv. you can share your stream by directing the audience to your channel page which is Twitch. tv/user. User will be your username of Twitch account.


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