How To Stream Mobile Games On Twitch By Using An App On Your Mobile Phone


Game lovers are well aware of Twitch, to the people who are in love with game Streaming twitch is considered as the best streaming service where they can stream their games on Mobile phones.  It is the best platform for those who are enthusiastic about gaming, people with the same hobby get linked with each other. According to a survey, more than 30 million people visit twitch daily to get enjoyment.

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You can play various  Mobile games on twitch but some are not played on it. Now you will ask what games can I not play on Twitch?. Some games are prohibited by twitch such as Battle Rape, Cobra club, 3DXchat, and criminal girls.

If you are a mobile user then you will be thinking “How do I stream mobile games? / How do I stream gameplay on Twitch mobile?.  You can stream on Twitch by using your ios devices, android devices, computer, and other devices. In this article, a detailed description is given on the topic of “how to stream mobile games on Twitch”

How to stream mobile games on twitch on a mobile phone

The app is the best option when you want to stream from a mobile device. Now you may get confused thinking what is the best app for streaming live?. A Lot of apps by a present which you can use to stream on Twitch. You can use the stream Labs app. 

You have another advantage of using the stream labs app is that you can share your stream broadcast on mixer and YouTube also along with Twitch. Follow the given steps to know how to stream mobile games on Twitch by using the stream Labs app on your mobile device:

  • First of all, get the latest version of the app. You can easily download the stream Labs app from the Google play store of your android phone or the app store of your iPhone. You don’t have to pay any charges to download the app. After downloading the app install it on your android or iPhone device.
  • Open the app and select the option of “Login with Twitch” from the screen to log in to your Twitch account. If you don’t have an account on Twitch then you must make it from the twitch website.
  • After logging into your Twitch account, the main screen of stream labs will open. Select the stream icon present at the top right side of the main screen. After tapping on the stream icon a dialogue box will open on the screen of your mobile phone. A notification will appear that informs you that whatever you display on the screen will be recorded. Select the  “Start now” option to start the streaming
  • When the stream is running then you can edit your stream information, you can add your stream name and a description of your stream while streaming is going on. To do so you have to tap on three dots on the screen and then select the option of “Edit stream info”. After doing the editing select the “ok” button and then launch the game whatever you want.


Many gamers love to stream their games on Twitch where they connect with their loved ones or the fans who also love to play games. If you are a mobile user and want to stream mobile games on Twitch then step-by-step guidance is given in this article about how to stream mobile games on Twitch.

Any app can be used to stream Mobile games but we recommend you to choose the stream labs app because you can then share your broadcast to YouTube and mixer also. Besides stream labs, you can use the Mobcrush app also to stream mobile games on Twitch.


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