How To Take A Screenshot Of Lenovo Laptop Step By Step


Lenovo brand is highly working on the features and functions of their devices because of which it is grabbing the attention of the audience towards its devices. Due to its high quality and unique model design, Lenovo is considered the most loving brand in the young generation.

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Lenovo laptops are most popular for their identical functions and model design and it becomes difficult to completely understand the new functionalities of the model. Most of the audience won’t understand the basic functionalities of Lenovo laptops such as how to screenshot on Lenovo laptops

The Lenovo laptop has the same process of taking a screenshot as other brands laptops which is pressing the print screen key. The difference is just that the key has a small scissor icon on it with an abbreviation of PrtSc.

How to screenshot on  Lenovo laptop?

If a person wants to learn how to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop then the steps are quick and easy. Lenovo has a specific unique process of taking screenshots as it won’t have a touch screen process. A person can take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop using the snap and sketch method from the notification center. 

The steps that are involved in how to screenshot on Lenovo laptop are given below:

  • Click on the ‘notification center’ which will be present on the upper right side of the taskbar in Windows. Click on the option of ‘Expand all’ which is present at the lower side of the notification center.
  • Click the ‘screen snip’ option which will appear on the screen and this will open up the option of snip and sketch. The snip and sketch tool will open up on the screen, it is a built-in program that is present in the laptop and allows a user to capture the complete screen and then save it. 
  • When the snip and sketch tool is open click on the ‘new’ button which would be present at the upper left side of the screen. A person can also capture a screenshot using a ‘freeform or a rectangular’ tool and a screenshot will appear in the snap and sketch.
  • A person can edit, share, copy and save the screenshot on the Lenovo laptop just by selecting the ‘Save as’ option. The save as option looks like a floppy disc and would be present at the upper right side of the screen.

Lenovo is also making tablets and the best way of taking a screenshot on these tablets is simple. The process which is involved in all the other devices for taking a screenshot is the same in Lenovo.

Where do screenshots go on Lenovo?

If you want to know where the captured screenshots move on the Lenovo laptop. Click the Windows logo button and PrtSc button simultaneously and this will take the screenshot of the entire screen. The screenshot will automatically be copied on the clipboard and this will be saved in the pictures. The screenshot will be saved with the username and in the folder of screenshots that would be present in the pictures drive. 

Which button is the screenshot on the laptop?

Specifically, a button which is known as a screenshot button is the print screen key. It is present at the upper right side of the keyboard of the Lenovo laptop. The print screen key may be written as PrtScr in its abbreviated form. 

This button will let us capture the complete screen of the desktop if it is pressed simultaneously with the Windows button. The screenshot might not immediately just move towards the saved images rather it first copied to the device keyboard and then moved to the saved pictures.

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The quickest way to take a screenshot of a Lenovo laptop is to press the window or function key along with the print screen key. Specifically, in Lenovo laptops, both of the keys are abbreviated as Fn+PrtSc. These two keys take the screenshot of the complete Windows screen and then copy it to the clipboard. 

Here a person can easily paste the screenshot image into an image editor or any other social media website. You can also press windows+shift+S for capturing the screenshot. The screenshot appeared as a snip and sketch and you can save it just like the other method.


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