How To Take A Screenshot On A Samsung Galaxy S21 By Following Simple Steps


In this world, we have to make proof of anything to assure our statement. There is a feature in every mobile phone that allows the users to capture the screen that is known as a ‘Screenshot’.

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Taking a screenshot means that we are saving proof of anything in our device by capturing the screen. We can have a screenshot of the high score gained by us in any game or even we can have a screenshot of chat for use in the future.

The screenshot is playing a vital role in everyone’s life. We can have pictorial proof of anything by taking a screenshot of it. There was no facility like this in past phones, but as the world is updating, this feature is also developed in some devices. Now we have this feature in almost every device or even in laptops. 

In this article, we will learn how to screenshot on Samsung. Not only in Samsung Galaxy S21 but this feature is also introduced in android devices. Here are the steps a person can follow to know how to screenshot on Samsung:

Taking a screenshot on Samsung

A person can take a screenshot of Samsung by following simple ways. Some of the methods are given below that a person can follow to know how to screenshot on Samsung:

By swiping the screen

If a person has a Samsung phone, then he can use the sweeping method to take a screenshot. It means that he can swipe the side of his hand on the screen in either direction to take the screenshot but its disadvantage is that it does not apply on all Samsung phones.

Enable palm swipe

A person can also enable Palm swipe to take a screenshot on a Samsung device, but before enabling this feature, we have to check whether our phone supports this feature or not. A person can follow given steps to turn on the palm swipe feature:

  • Open the notification shade by swiping down the screen with a finger and then click on the Cog icon. Clicking this icon will open the settings of the device.
  • Now a list of options will appear. We have to click on the option ‘Advanced Features’ and then ‘Motions and Gestures. A toggle will appear next to Palm swipe, we can turn it on to enable this feature.

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By using the Shortcut button

Many devices like Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, or Galaxy Note 20 don’t have a home button to take a screenshot. Then we have to use the key combination to take screenshots. Here are the steps to know how to screenshot on Samsung:

  • First of all, we have to press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time until we see our screen flash and hear a click.
  • Our screenshot will move to the gallery of the device. Here we can find our screenshot in the ‘Screenshot folder’.

There are some other ways too that a person can follow to know how to screenshot on Samsung. For example, a person can use voice, scroll capture, and S pen to take a screenshot on Samsung.


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