How To Take A Screenshot On An Acer Laptop Easily


As We know, our world has gone very far in the field of technology. If we talk about communication mediums then a lot of features have been introduced which a person can utilize in his work to get more efficient and amazing output. Mobile phones and laptops contain many advanced features that were not present in the past. 

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In the past, there was no feature like screenshot but if we consider today’s gadget then screenshot is just a common feature. The screenshot has made the life of a common person very easy as it allows him to capture any type of screen at any time and can save it on his device. 

Nowadays screenshots are playing a great role in the life of a gamer student, photographer, writer, or member. But still, some people don’t know how to screenshot on Acer’s laptop. In the given article, we are going to discuss the basic steps of knowing how to screenshot on an Acer laptop.

By using Snagit

One of the amazing screenshot programs for capturing the part of the screen or full screen is Snagit. A person can follow the given steps to know how to screenshot on an Acer laptop:

  • The initial step of taking a screenshot on an Acer laptop is to download and install a Snagit program on our Acer laptop. Then we have to open and sign in to the Snagit program. 
  • We will see an option named ‘Capture’. Now after selecting the capture option, we have to select the screen that we want to capture. 
  • Then to save the screenshot, we have to tap on the camera button. We also have the facility to edit our screenshots by using the editor.  

By using keyboard keys

If a person doesn’t want to take a screenshot by Snagit then we have another way that is by combining keyboard keys. First of all, we have to move the screen that we want to capture, then we have to search for the Windows logo key and PrtSc and then press both the keys at the same time. The screenshot will be taken in just a second of our current screen. The screenshot will always save in our selected location.

How can a person screenshot on Windows 10? 

A lot of people are asking about taking a screenshot on Windows 10. Given are some ways that a person can follow to take a screenshot on Windows 10:

  • By using shift and windows key-S.
  • By using ‘Snip & sketch’.
  • By using the print screen key with OneDrive.
  • By using a snipping tool.
  • By using Snagit.
  • By using the Windows game bar.

How do you snip on Acer?

If a person wants to Snip on Acer then first of all he has to search for the snipping tool by typing its name on the search bar on a device. A snipping tool will appear, we have to open it and then select the option ‘New’ in the slipping tool. Here we have to select the screen that we want to capture by moving our mouse on it then after selecting the screen release the mouse. We can also save the snap by clicking on the save option.


In short, a person can follow the above-mentioned steps to know how to screenshot on Acer’san’s laptop. The screenshot has a vital role in one’s life as it allows users to capture any screen anytime just by pressing some buttons. Taking a screenshot is the best way of having proof in case we have to prove something.

It means gamers prefer to take the screenshot of their scores to show it to their friends and family. Students can take the screenshot of notes if they don’t have the facility to download or save it.


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