How To Take A Screenshot On Android LG Phones Easily With Buttons Or By Using The Quick Memo App


To save a picture we can simply download it but sometimes we want to save other things that cannot be downloaded like a chat with a person and you can take screenshots of it so it will be saved in your gallery even if you uninstall the app. 

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People take screenshots to guide another person about the usage of an app or any mobile system. Whatever the reason is, you can easily take it from your mobile phone. Some Android versions contain a direct option or shortcut to take screenshots or you can try other methods depending upon the model you are using. 

If you are using an LG phone and want to know how to Screenshot an LG phone easily then this article would be helpful for you. LG phones provide an app “QuickMemo+” which enables its users to capture, annotate and share screenshots easily. 

How to Screenshot an LG phone by using hardware buttons?

Almost every type of Android phone enables its users to take a screenshot by using a combination of buttons as described below:

  • Go to the screen that you want to screenshot and press the power button with one of your fingers and the Volume down button with another finger. Ensure that you have to press them at the same time. For confirmation, your LG phone screen will flash and you will also hear a click sound. 
  • The position of the buttons may vary according to the model of LG you are using. For instance, you will find your power and volume button on the backside of the phone if you are using G2, G3, G4, or Flex LG models. In Optimus G and Volt models, they are present on the right side of the phone.

You can check the screenshot from the gallery of your mobile phone. Open the gallery and you will find a folder with the name of the screenshot. The screenshot will be saved by the name of the screenshot and the time and date it was taken. Now it is like a picture so you can share it to any e social media app or email that you have installed on your LG phone. 

How do I capture a screenshot on my LG without the power button?

Another method you can use to take screenshots is by using “Quick Memo+”. This app enables LG users to capture a screenshot or to make a note on a map or want to highlight text on the screen.  Follow the given steps to take a screenshot by using the “Quick Memo+” app. 

  • Go to the desired screen and open the notification panel by swiping down from the top of the mobile screen. Quick Memo+ icon will be present on the upper list in the left corner of the notification panel. and a screenshot will be taken of the screen that is open under the notification panel
  • After the screenshot has been taken you can write or mark anything on it. You can also add a reminder to your screenshot or memo by tapping on the “Add reminder” option present at the bottom left corner and then you have to select the date and time of the reminder. You can save it in your gallery or QuickMemo+ storage or share it with any other app. 


Sometimes Screenshots are necessary to capture the screen and after reading the above article you will be able to know “how to Screenshot on an LG phone”. Like other Android phones, you can use a simple method of capturing a screenshot by pressing the Power and Volume down button at the same time.

But it is tricky and fails sometimes. QuickMemo+ is an app that comes in LG phones preloaded and can be used to take screenshots and edit and share them as it is mentioned in the above article. 


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