How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 8 Step By Step


Human beings are advancing day by day in different fields as this creates an important competition. In this competition sometimes we need to take the record of the previous data so that the work is saved for the future as well. A few years back a person cannot save the data which is currently present on the screen rather it needs to be downloaded on the device. 

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But now the screen recording feature along with the screenshot is just changing the whole game in a few seconds. Any person can take a screenshot of the data present on the screen in just a few seconds. A person must know the process along with the correct sequence and it’s all done to take a screenshot. The steps along with a complete guideline for how to screenshot on Windows 8 are explained briefly in the article below.

How to capture a screenshot on a Personal Computer?

If a person is thinking about how to screenshot on Windows 8 then there is nothing to worry about. Different applications are present on the internet which help you to take a screenshot but there is also a built-in feature present in the devices. The built-in feature of how to screenshot in Windows 8 is the best guideline for users of any age. The steps that are involved in how to screenshot in Windows 8 are given below:

  • You need to move towards the start screen or the main menu of the device and then select an application according to your choice. You can also take a picture or a video or any data on the screen which you want to take a screenshot of. Then you need to hold down the Windows button along with the print screen button which would be present on the keyboard. The print screen button would be written on the keyboard as ‘PrtScr’ and the windows button would be the Windows icon on the keyboard.
  • After that press command which is Win+E and this will open up the explorer and will guide you to the pictures library. In the pictures library, you will see a panel on the left side of the screen. In the left panel, you can find a screenshot folder that was recently created. If you want to open up the screenshot folder double click on it to gain access to the data inside it.
  • When the screenshot folder opens up after double click you will see all the screenshots present in this folder. The screenshots would be in chronological order and you will find all of your data present in one place. From there you can share, edit and delete screenshots as it all depends on your choice.

How do you take a screenshot on Windows 8 without a print screen?

If a person wants to know how to screenshot on Windows 8 without PrintScreen then the process is easy. A user needs to give a command to the device at any place. For the command, you need to press the buttons of Win+ shift+S and this will open up the screenshot utility of the device. This command is very simple and it becomes easy to watch along with the saving of the screenshot. By following this command you will not need to press the print screen button just to take a screenshot.

Where are the screenshots saved in Windows 8?

People are very confused about the process of how to screenshot on Windows 8 as well as where the screenshots are saved in the device. A user needs to open up the disk C of the device and then move towards the user’s option. After that select a folder of your name and move towards the pictures folder of the device

In the pictures, you will find a folder of screenshots and you need to view all the screenshots which are taken using your username. After that, right-click on the screenshot folder and a menu will appear beside it. From the menu select the ‘properties’ option and this will guide you to the ‘location’ tab. In this way, you can see to the screenshot folder and it creates ease for you.


The screenshot is considered an important tool for professional people as well as for the students. This enhances the importance of taking screenshots on different devices during work. People are always in search of the correct sequence to know about the different processes of taking a screenshot. The steps which are mentioned above provide a quick guideline to the user to know how to screenshot on Windows 8.


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