How To Tether Connection Of Internet Using Bluetooth On Android Device


If you talk about tether then we come to know that it is a process that is required to link a device to an internet source by using a mobile device. But the condition is that the mobile data of the device must be ON.

internet , Bluetooth , android device , how to

One method of having a mobile hotspot is the tether. Mobile hotspot is very common among phones. It is the process of connecting our mobile with another person. It’s very useful when a person is traveling and he has to connect to the internet.

Tether Via Bluetooth:

 A person can easily tether via Bluetooth on an android device. He doesn’t have to do much work but just has to follow some steps.


Steps to tether via Bluetooth on Android devices are:

  1. To tether via Bluetooth on an android phone a person must have to On his Bluetooth. To enable Bluetooth, move to ‘Setting’.The icon of the setting is just like a gear. We have to use our fingers to swipe up on the screen in case we cannot find it on the home screen. Search for ‘Settings’. Now open it.
  1. Many options will appear. Search for ‘Bluetooth’.Now tap on it. We can also search for Bluetooth by typing on the search bar that appears on the right of the setting screen.
internet , Bluetooth , android device , how to
  1. A person can turn On his Bluetooth by tapping on the option  ‘Bluetooth. When he turns on the Bluetooth then a small Bluetooth symbol will start appearing at the top of the screen that indicates that the Bluetooth of the device is On.
  1. Now the next step is pairing. Pairing is the initial step of connecting the device via Bluetooth. For another phone, a person must have to turn On the Bluetooth of that mobile too simply by following the steps mentioned above.

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  1. Now a list will appear in the menu of Bluetooth. Search for your device from the list. We must remember our device name.
internet , Bluetooth , android device , how to
  1. After doing the above step. Mobile will ask for pairing and after that, a prompt with pairing permission will appear on another phone. They will ask for the code that will appear on another phone. Then they will ‘Accept’ when the pairing is about to complete.
  1. Now we have to wait for a while till both devices connect via Bluetooth. We will receive a notification on the notification menu when both devices will connect.
internet , Bluetooth , android device , how to
  1. Now by swiping our finger down a list of shortcuts will appear. From here look for the option ‘Mobile Hotspot’.
  1. Now, after clicking on the option ‘Mobile Option’ our hotspot will be connected. However, we will ask to turn off the wifi if it is On.

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  1. Once you turn On the move data on the other phone now turn On the wifi on your phone. A list will appear to search for a particular mobile data hotspot.
  1. Now at the end tap on the Phone data hotspot and this will connect your phone with the hotspot of another phone.

This is how a person can tether via Bluetooth on an android device. I hope this article helps you to solve your problem. To read more interesting articles like this follow us on our website.


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