How To Track Changes In Google Docs By Easy Steps


Google doc is a feature introduced by Google.  It allows its users to write a document on any topic. It contains a lot of features that a user can use to make his document more attractive and eye-catching. We can underline and bold headings of paragraphs in google docs. Moreover, we also have the facility to change the font color and font size of characters.

This feature contains a lot more updates. Students use Google docs to write their assignments and businessmen also use this to write their presentations. Hence, in short, Google Docs is playing a vital role in one’s life.

A user can also track changes in google docs. Tracking the changes is an easy task that every person can achieve easily. A person can find three modes in the navigational menu in google docs. These are:

  • Viewing.
  • Suggestions.
  • Editing.

To track the changes in google docs, we have to approach the suggesting mode. Given are the steps a person can follow to track changes in google docs:

Working on tracking changes in google docs

When a person writes the document on Google docs then he has the facility to do any editing in the document. He can change the font color, font size and can also change the margins according to his desire. Here he has two possibilities whether he can allow only one user to edit or view the document or allow all the users to view, edit and change the document. 

When he allows all the users to view and edit the document then he also allows them to change the document according to their needs. When a user permitted all the users to edit, view, and change the document then they made changes and here we become doubtful how we can track changes in google docs. We can find all the changes in the suggesting mode.

To allow others to view, edit and comment on the document, we have to share that document with all the users we want to. Then we will ask to enter the name or email of a person we want to share the document with and the kind of authority that we want to give that person.

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Track changes in google docs

When a person makes a change in the document then we can easily track changes in google docs. The change that a user made starts appearing in the suggesting mode and all the users can view the changes from the suggesting mode in google docs.

From here all the users have permission whether they accept the changes or reject them in the suggesting mode.


When someone writes a document then he can allow others to view, edit and comment on the document. When the first person makes the change in the document then it appears in the suggesting mode of others also.

Others have permission to comment on that change. To accept the change, we have to tap on the option ✔. This is how we can track changes in google docs.


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