How To Transfer Files From Android To Android Using The Backup Or Cloud Restoring Method


Some people are so passionate about their phones that they keep Changing them whenever a new model comes into the market they rush to buy it. If you have changed your android device or are planning to buy a new android phone then you must want to transfer all of your data from your old android phone to the new android phone

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After reading this article you will be able to know “How to transfer files from android to android using different methods”.Google has provided many ways to transfer all types of files from your old android phone to the new one including photos, apps, music, text, contacts, and videos

Taking backup to transfer files

To use the backup method ensure that the backup produced in the cloud of your old phone contains all the important files present on your old phone. Backup of contacts, text and settings, even details of do not disturb will be produced automatically by Google and when you get your new phone you have to login into your Google account and then you will be able to restore all the backup data to your new phone.

How do I transfer files from a backup?

If you are using Android 7.0 Nougat or a later version then the following steps will be helpful to transfer files from Android to Android or you can simply type backup in the search box of settings to easily locate the option.


  • Go to settings from your home screen or by using the quick access settings option. Scroll down until you find the option of “System”. Tap on the system and select the option of “Backup” from the settings menu. 
  • On the backup tab ensure that the toggle for backup to Google drive is on. Tap on the Backup now option so that the latest data on your old phone will be synchronized with Google drive.

How do Android users backup their data?

After making the backup you can easily restore it. If you want to restore photos or videos then Google photos are the best option. Another advantage of using Google photos is that you can restore your photos or videos in the original quality as well as in the high quality. If you select a high-quality option then it will not take more space on your mobile phone.  As the data is already backed up on the cloud then you can save your photos or videos easily on your new phone at any time.

  • Tap on the photos icon present on your home screen and select the three horizontal lines present at the top left corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will open select settings from it.
  • From the settings menu select Backup and Sync and ensure that the toggle for backup and Sync is on. Set the backup mode to High quality and then your photos and videos will be automatically backed up to Google photos.

How do I go back to previous settings on Android?

After getting your new phone, insert your sim card and then you will be able to restore data and settings to your new android phone as mentioned below:

  • After selecting language and signing into your wifi network. Option on copy apps and data will appear on the screen. Tap on next and a new tab of Bring your data from will be open.
  • Select the option of “Backup from an android phone” from the Bring your data from the tab. Google will give you all instructions you have to follow and click on the next option. You will be able to see your android model number on the verification phone page. 
  • Now take your old phone and go to the Google tab present in the settings. Scroll down until you find the setup and restore option. On the setup and restore tab select the “Set up nearby device” option. Then getting the starting page will open, hit the next button present at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then you have to verify a pattern on both of your android phones so they can connect. On the confirm your screen lock page hit the next button. 
  • A copy of your new device? Page hit the copy button and you will see the copying process will start.
  • On your new android, you will see the option of sign in to Windows, sign in to your Google account, and hit the next button to confirm your old android screen lock page. 
  • A new page of what to restore will be open. Check the boxes in front of options and hit the restore button. 

After that, the options may vary according to the device you are using. Mostly you have to select whether you want to backup data or not. 


There are different methods to transfer files from android to android. In this article, you can know how to transfer files from android to android using the Backup method. You can also transfer many types of files by using Bluetooth or Any other third-party app Such as zapya or share it.

You can download these apps from the google play store easily and then open the app on both of your android phones and select the options of receiving or sending in case of share it and create/join in case of zapya


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