How To Transfer From Android To Android easily By Using Simple Methods


In this fast world, everything needs to be upgraded. If we talk about upgrading mobile phones then we will come to know that there are a lot of methods a person can adopt to upgrade his device. 

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Some people prefer to upgrade their Android device to an iPhone but some think it is better to move from an Android device to another Android device that will be much better than the previous one. 

If a person has an android device and he plans to upgrade his Android device with another Android device then he has to transfer all the data from the previous device to the new device. First of all, he must know how to transfer from Android to Android. 

Many ways are not only simple but also reliable. We can use the process of backup of the phone as well as can take help from third-party apps

By taking Backup on Phone:

The first important step of transferring from Android to Android is taking backup on the phone. The main reason behind it is that if a file by chance is lost during the transfer process then we can have it back if we have taken backup on a phone. Below are the steps a person can follow to take backup on phone: 

  • Turn on the phone and move to the ‘Setting’ of the phone. A list of options appears. Select ‘System’ and then tap on the option ‘Backup’.
  • Click on the option ‘Backup Now’. Then tap on ‘Continue’. The backup process will start then wait for the completion of the process.

A user must have to remember that different phones have different settings. So a person has to search for a backup option from the settings of the phone.

Transferring Process:

There are many methods a person can follow to transfer from android to android. In this article, we are discussing a method that is reliable and easy to follow. Here are the steps: 

  • Tap start on the new android device. We will ask whether we want to copy the app from an SD card or not. Agree with this. Connect both the devices with cable if a person has the facility of cable. If he doesn’t have cable then he has to tap on the option ‘ No Cable’. Then click on ‘OK’.
  • The next step is to click on the option ‘ A backup from an android phone. To complete the process a person has to follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • After the completion, we will be prompted. Here we have to type the same google account that is associated with our previous android device.

By following the above steps, all the data from the previous android devices will be transferred to our new android device.

By Using third-party apps:

If by chance a person cannot transfer his data during the setup of the new android device then he doesn’t need to be a worry at this time because there is still a chance to do it. A person can follow the steps given below to transfer data from android to android: 

  • A person has to download the app ‘Copy my data’ on both new and previous android devices. Open the app on both devices and connect both devices to the same wifi network.
  • Click on the option ‘Next’. Select the option ‘To or from another device over wifi’ on the previous Android device. Select the new android device and click on the option ‘Copy data to selected device’.

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  • A pin will appear on the previous android device that we have to type on the new android device. Click on Next after typing the pin code. From the previous device select data that we want to transfer and wait for the completion of the process.

After the completion of the process, our data will be transferred from the android device to the new android device.

We hope you will follow the above steps if a need comes when you have to transfer from android to android. Please follow us on our websites for more articles.


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