How To Transfer Music From CD To iPhone By Using Different Methods


To enjoy music on your iPhone you can download them from the internet by using your internet browser/ iTunes store. But these methods may cost you. Instead of downloading music, you can get your favorite songs from a CD or compact disc. Transferring music from CD to your iPhone did not cost even a single penny and it is a very easy method.

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 It also takes very little time as compared to downloading as you have to download your favorite music one by one. There are different methods that you can use to transfer music from a CD to your iPhone easily as described in the given article. 

How do I transfer CD music to my iPhone with iTunes?

By using the given steps you can easily transfer music from a CD to your iPhone:

  • Insert the CD in the CD room of your computer or laptop and open iTunes by searching it from the menu. After opening iTunes you will find a CD symbol on the screen, click on the CD icon to transfer its content to iTunes.
  • A prompt will appear on the screen asking whether you want to import the CD (name of your CD) into your iTunes library? Hit the yes button to transfer music to the iTunes library. 
  • But if you don’t want to transfer all the songs present on CD then you can choose some of them according to your preferences. To do it, first Choose the song and click the Import CD button present on iTunes
  • Open the import settings from the General section and then you can select the quality and format of your import. Select Mp3 or AAC encoder from the import using option and then click the ok button present at the bottom. All the selected items will be imported to your iTunes library.
  • Link your iPhone to the PC by using a cable and on the iTunes home screen, you will find your iPhone device name icon.
  • Select music under the settings option from the left grey column of iTunes and choose the Sync music option from the right side and also check the box of the selected playlist, artist, or album or the option of the entire music library.
  • After clicking on the apply button the music will be transferred from the iTunes library to your iPhone. Wait until all the transfers are completed then you will be able to enjoy the transferred music on your iPhone.

How to transfer CD music to iPhone by using Syncios iOS Music Manager?

You can also use Syncios iOS Music Manager to transfer CD songs to your iPhone. Most  CD songs are present in cda format and the iPhone is not able to accept cda format. So you have to rip the cda format into an easily accessible format like MP3. Follow the given steps to transfer songs from CD to iPhone by using window media player and Syncios iOS Music Manager:

  • Insert the CD into the CD ROM of your computer and then open the window media player, switch to Library mode of the window media player. 
  • Select CD from the left column and then click on the downward arrow present with the organize option at the upper left corner and choose “options..” 
  • Go to the rip music tab and then select MP3 as format under the Rip settings heading. Under the heading of “Rip music to this location” you can change the path where music will be saved and select the Rip CD option.

After connecting your iPhone, open the Syncios iOS Music Manager and select media, and hit the import button. Then you will be able to enjoy your music on your iPhone whenever you want. 

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If you are a music lover and you want your favorite songs on your iPhone without spending any money then the easiest and free method you can use is to transfer songs from CD to your iPhone. You can use iTunes to save the music in its library and then easily import it to your iPhone.

Without using iTunes you can also transfer music from CD to iPhone by ripping the music format by using a Windows media player and then transfer it to your iPhone by using Syncios iOS Music Manager.


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