How To Troubleshoot The Problems In Hisense LCD TV Easy Guideline


There are different complaints that the company of Hisense LCD TV is facing from the users during their experience. It is important to mention that the features of the TV are very impressive along with its price but it cannot cope with the troubleshooting problems of the LCD. Hisense is mainly considered as a Chinese TV brand which is especially known for its popularity as the most affordable LCD brand. 

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It competes very well in its hardware and machine with the competitors having large price differences. Hisense LCD TVs are TVs with 4K resolution and high features without burning the budget of the buyers. A lot of problems are being faced by the Hisense LCD TV users. 

We will discuss the main problems of the Hisense LCD TVs along with the solution of these problems for the helping guide of the reader.

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How do you troubleshoot a Hisense TV?

If you are a Hisense LCD TV user then you may know that there are different problems that a person can experience during its use. Solve the problems of Hisense LCD TV are given below:

Turning on Problem:

The most common problem which is faced by the Hisense LCD TV users is turning on and off the problem. The easiest solution to this problem is that a person can hard reset the device and all of the problems are just solved. If you are facing this problem you just need to take off the LCD and press the power button for a few seconds to turn off the LCD. 

When the LCD is completely turned off, let it off for almost 60 minutes and then turn it again. If the trick won’t work then remove the batteries of the LCD and try to change their spots so that it may start working properly.

Display problem:

The display is the most important part of every LCD TV and the most common problem which is faced by the user is that the display is not working properly. Before applying any trick to display troubleshooting you are encouraged to see whether there is a crack in the display or not. If a crack is present then no trick would be worthwhile. 

If the screen is flickering and blinking continuously then turn off the LCD for some time and turn back to see if it works or not. Turn off the ‘Power Save’ mode on the TV or try to change the batteries of the LCD power to solve the power fluctuation problem.

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Apps problem:

If a person has downloaded a recent application in the Hisense LCD TV and the application is causing problems in the LCD. Then it is encouraged to remove the application from the device. First, open up the home of the LCD TV and move towards the settings of the device. Select the apps option present in the device and select the desired application. Click on the uninstall option to remove the application from the device.


If a person is facing any other problem in recent LCD TV then it is encouraged to reset the system so that it may work properly. For resetting, move towards the menu of the devices and select the settings option from the given options. Select the storage option and click on the Factory data reset. This process may take a few minutes but it manually sets the whole system and automatically solves many troubleshooting problems.

How do I reset my Hisense LCD TV?

If you want to reset Hisense LCD TV then first you need to turn on the TV to start the process of resetting. Then move towards the menu of the Hisense LCD TV and select the option of support present on the screen

Click on the ‘Self-diagnosis’ option from the given options and in this way a person can move towards the resetting option. You would be asked to confirm the resetting action and when it is confirmed the whole system of the Hisense TV would be reset manually.

How do you troubleshoot an LCD TV?

If you want to troubleshoot an LCD TV then the most common problem that is experienced and LCD TV is the power cycling issue. The problem can be in the capacitors of the LCD which is the automatic turning on or off of the LCD during its power cycling issue. 

If you are experiencing such an issue you just need to take off the LCD and press the power button for almost 15 seconds. This section can reset your LCD manually and a person can put it in its original place and then turn it on after some time. After this procedure, a person can enjoy a completely fit LCD without any issue.


The common problems that are faced by people every day in using Hisense LCD TV are discussed above. A person who wants to know more about the Hisense LCD TV problems along with the solutions then this article will help you in this regard. Hisense LCD TV is an electronic machine and, naturally, errors may occur in electronic machines due to an error.


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