How To Update An Android Phone Step By Step


Android mobiles are considered as one of the best and largest cell phone operating systems. They play an important role in manufacturing mobiles except for iPhones. Android mobiles not only compete with iPhones in their features and processing but also move side by side in the security of the user’s data. 

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The best thing about Android mobiles is that they keep on working on their system updates to provide the best available features to the users. The audience is also encouraged to update the latest version of Android mobiles to enjoy the best features along with the most secure version of Android Mobiles. 

Android mobiles work on the security feature every month while the complete latest version is upgraded annually. Devices such as Google pixel Motorola and Nokia phones get the updates at first but the handsets which have heavy Android experience get the latest version when the equivalent heavy Android version will launch. 

Latest Version

The most recent version of Android was introduced in autumn and it was named as Android 11 version. Google has specifically named the latest version Android 11 to introduce the chronological order of the latest versions of Android.

Android 12 is on the way to launch as its information and latest features have been introduced and the audience may get a wonderful version of Android in September 2021.

Update Android version manually

Most of the devices have a default feature through which a person will be notified when the latest and updated Android version is introduced. The restriction during the process of upgrading the Android version is that the device must be connected to the Wi-Fi and has a battery of more than 50%. 

Most people don’t like to manually check whether the latest update Android version is available or not. The system has worked amazingly for such people as the steps are easy and convenient to update the Android version.

  • Search ‘Settings’ from the menu of the device and click on it to open up the settings icon. After clicking settings different options will appear on the screen click on the ‘System’ option from the available options. 
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  • A drop-down menu will be visible on the screen under the ‘Advanced’ option. Click on the option of ‘System Updates’ which will be present in the dropdown options.
  • When a person clicks on system updates the system starts searching about the latest update Android version available. If any updated version of Android will be present then the system will automatically move towards the download to update the Android version.

The above steps would be the same for all the pixel phones but minor differences would be seen depending on the type of Android phone you are using. As in Samsung mobiles, a straightforward option which is named ‘Software Update’ would be present in the settings menu to update the Android version.

If you are using the Android phone which has a search bar in the settings menu just type update in the search bar. Any option with ‘Update’ words such as ‘System Updates’ or ‘Softwares Update’ will be directed to the option to update the Android version.


All the information regarding how to update the Android version from the old to the latest one is given above. Reports also claim that the Android 11 version is the most acceptable as compared to any other version up till now.

We have seen certain seizable problems in the OS devices related to fragmentation. Fragmentation data is not openly available by Google. Most of the devices nowadays use the Android 10 version even though the Android 11 version has been introduced. 


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