How To Update Android Auto And What Can We Do If Our Android Auto-Update Doesn’t Work


Everything in this world needs to be updated. It is a requirement of every app to be updated so that we can use the new version of the app. As we know, apps are updating to grab the attention of users. New features and effects are being introduced day by day. This updated version forces users to use the app.


When new features are introduced, users want to use them, and hence demand that the app increase. There we must remember to update all the apps that we use to get the new version of the device. Now we will learn about how to update android. There are a lot of methods a person can follow to update his device.

He can also use third-party apps to update his device. We can also allow the auto android update. But if this auto-update doesn’t work then there are other ways too that a person can follow to find the answer to the question of how to update android. Let us see how to update android:

Updating Android auto:

Many android apps, including android auto, notify the users to gain permission for updating the version. But if it is added in settings then we can use the third-party app to auto-update the android. Follow the steps to learn about how to update android:

  • Go to the play store and type ‘Android auto’.
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  • A new window will appear, updating the app ‘Android auto’.

Our android will be updated after doing the above steps.

Updating auto android forcefully: 

If a person doesn’t get the new android update of android then he has the facility to update his android forcefully. He has to follow the given steps to know how to update android:

  • Move to the auto android app and open it. Now tap on the menu icon at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Setting’ option. The option will appear, look for ‘Try the new Android auto’. Then tap on the option to implement it.

This will forcefully update our auto android and our android will update after following the above steps.

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What to do if the above method doesn’t work:

If a person’s android auto does not update even after following the above steps then he doesn’t need to panic. There can be two reasons:

  • Our android is already updated.
  • There must be a compatibility issue between our device and the latest version of android auto.

A person has to check why his android auto is not updating. If his android auto has already been updated he can check for it. He has to move to settings. Scroll down the screen and search for the version section. Now compare the version number to the version number that the source shows from where we hear about the new update. If the numbers match then our android auto-updates.

But if the numbers did not match then there must be a compatibility issue between our device and the latest version of auto-update. To solve this issue a person has to contact the device manufacturer.

Above are some ways a person can follow to know about how to update android. We hope this article is helpful for you in your learning process. Please follow our websites for more informative articles.


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