How To Use Google Sheets To Make A Graph


We have to deal with numbers while documenting and analyzing the data regarding profit or performance. It is important to present your results or data in a form that is more visually pleasing and understandable. 

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Google sheets allowed the user to add the data and then create different types of charts and graphs directly from the added data. A well-developed graph is used to compare different quantities and relationships in data and to comprehend a trend. 

How do you make an XY graph in a Google sheet?

Here one thing you have to understand is that the same like Microsoft Excel Google Sheets refers to all types of graphs to charts so you have to use a chart editor tool to create graphs as well as charts in Google sheets. Follow the given steps to make an XY graph in the Google sheet:

  • Firstly you have to select the data that you want to compare, select the two columns containing the data by clicking on them. To select multiple columns on your PC hold the shift key and select the columns. Hold the command key while selecting on your Mac to choose multiple columns.
  • After selecting the data click on the insert button present at the top of the screen and add a drop-down menu. Click on the chat option from the menu and a box will open automatically containing the chart or graph of the selected data. 
  • On the right side of your computer, screen you will be able to see a chart editor dialogue box, to change the chart type click on the chart type option and a drop-down menu that will open then scroll down until you find a scatter chart option. By clicking on the scatter chart option your graph will be converted to an XY graph.
  • To enhance the data visuals of your graph select customize option from the chart editor dialogue box and a new menu will appear on the screen. Expand the series section and scroll down until you find trend lines, data labels, and error bars options from here you can easily enable them.
  • To customize your graph go to the customize menu from the chart editor dialogue box and from here you can change text size, fonts color, palettes exercise names, and many more elements of the graph.
  • Click on three dots present at the top right corner of the graph and a drop-down menu will appear containing different options. From here you can download it as a PNG image or as PDF or a scalable vector graphic. You can also embed it in other documents or how to share it from Google drive as a link by publishing the chart. 

Can google sheets graph an equation?

People used to prefer Google sheets over calculators because they are shareable. By creating graphs on Google sheets you can easily share or submit them. You can graph multiple equations on one spreadsheet with each graph placed on a separate sheet in a workbook. 


For the efficient visualization of data, graphs and charts are made. After reading the above article you will be able to know how to use Google sheets to make a graph. By making graphs on Google sheets you can easily share them and download them as a pdf or PNG file.


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