How To Use Google Translator On WhatsApp For Automatic Translation


WhatsApp is a very simple and interesting tool if you want to converse with your friend. You just need to type the message and only one button will send it to the friend and hence you will receive the reply in a few seconds.

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WhatsApp also works to provide different features to its users to enhance its audience. WhatsApp also provides a feature of an auto translator if a person wants to converse in a different language.

If you want to know the secret of translating WhatsApp messages then this trick is present in Gboard which is known as the Google keyboard. Google keyboard is considered as the most innovative creation of Google as it provides all the functions and features that a user wants during writing. Google works on the Google keyboard by enhancing its features in a way that it introduces translators in Google keyboard. 

If you want to translate WhatsApp conversations then it is important to install Gboard on your mobile phone. When a person successfully installed and set the keyboard as a default keyboard then we move towards the functions of how to translate WhatsApp messages on Gboard. The steps involved in translating WhatsApp conversations on Gboard are explained completely in this article.

How do I auto-translate on WhatsApp?

Just because of the Google translator a person can translate the WhatsApp chats which makes Gboard a more useful tool. A person can also type the message using the voice dictation feature or use the search engine of Google to Converse in a language that you are unable to understand. The steps that are involved to auto-translate a message using Google keyboard on WhatsApp are given below:

  • Search the WhatsApp application present in the device and tap on it to open it. Then select the desired conversation of a person with whom you want to chat with translated messages. Once the chat is selected, open up the keyboard.
  • There would be three dots at the top right side horizontally on the toolbar of the keyboard tap on them. An options menu will appear on the screen you just need to select the ‘Translate’ button. On Gboard there would be a top bar just select the option of ‘Source and Output Languages’. This option of the Google keyboard will explain the language in which you are writing and also the language in which you want to translate.
  • Type the desired message in the textbox which will appear on the keyboard and Google keyboard will start translating the message immediately. When a person is done with writing he’ll see the translated message then just need to tap on the ‘send button to confirm and send the message.

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How can I translate Google on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

A person just needs to open up WhatsApp and press the ‘World ball’ icon present at the lower side of the screen. Then select the ‘Dictionary’ icon at the upper part of the keyboard and the translator option will appear on the screen. In this way, a person can type and get the translated message and then paste this message into a conversation with anyone.

How can I use Microsoft translator on WhatsApp?

You just need to open up the WhatsApp conversation and select the text then click the ‘copy’ option. Open up the Microsoft translator application and then select the ‘keyboard’. Tap on the desired language in which you want to translate your message and then paste the translated message again in the conversation to send it to the specific person.


Google keyboard recognizes your language automatically and hence helps the user to choose the desired language from the options. If a person sees the complete list of languages present on Google’s keyboard then he would be amazed to see thousands of languages present there. A person just needs to choose the desired source along with the desired language by writing the text in the box a person can easily translate it.


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