How To Use Google Travel To Plan An Amazing Trip


In the traveling procedure, the most exciting thing is the complete planning and reservations about the trip. But if all the planning is not in the right time then the planning becomes stressful in just a few seconds. Google has solved the problem of many travelers by introducing mobile applications. The application is very easy and all the services are provided in just a few steps.

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Google has linked different platforms to make an adventurous trip for its users. Travelling has become very fortunate for the ones who like to travel these days. The best thing about this application is that it is free for the users and available online to all the persons who have Google accounts on their devices.

How to use Google travel?

People always wanted to know how we can use Google travel applications to make their trips wonderful. Certain specific steps are involved in using this application which is given below:

Flight’s Booking

Booking a flight is the first step in traveling a trip as you just need to open up the Google travel website. On the left side of the screen, there would be an option of ‘Flights’. Fill in all the details regarding the departure and destination of the traveling according to your budget. 

First Google will show you on the next page about the most suitable things and below these, all the others are present including service providers and pickups. The price graph also presents the least expensive details as a person can have different departure timings in the average cost.

A place for shelter

When traveling, a person always searches for a place where he or she can stay and rest. On the left side, a person may see the ‘what else’ option which will be present under the flight’s option. 

A person can also use the budget option as well as the brand option to have the desired hotel. In the ‘learn more’ option a person can gain access to the accommodation menu. Select the option of ‘check availability and a list of websites will appear from where a person can select the desired one.

Building Itinerary

After moving through the traveling and accommodation Google will automatically create a travel tab for the user. If a user is unable to find anything then moving down and creating a trip option would be enough. On the next page of the Google travel application, a person has all the details regarding trip destination and minute details like date and timing. 

Select the ‘Save’ button and then move to the ‘add to trip’ option for the itinerary. Select all the desired things and fill in the necessary information needed by the website. 

Does Google have a travel app?

Yes, Google has a travel application that was launched in 2016 specifically for Android and IOS devices. In 2019 Google announced the functionality of this application for desktop users. Application is integrating the important features present in the Google maps application of the devices. 

How do I pull the trips from Google?

If a person wants to find trip reservations then type ‘My Trip’ in the search engine. Google will start searching about the nearest reservations and will show you all the upcoming plans of traveling in your place. It is important to mention that a person must have a Google account logged in the device. The travel reservations must be using the same Google account.


It is an exhaustive method if you are thinking of planning a trip using different online websites. You must know different booking codes and contacts of different traveling agencies for every step of traveling but Google has solved all of these problems.

All the services are present in one place and a person should not move for single bookings. The above-mentioned guideline would be very helpful for the ones who are thinking of planning a trip.


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