How To Use Samsung Smart Switch For Transferring Your Data From Your Old Device To The Latest Samsung Device


Normally a person has set his or her mobile phone according to his or her demands. If that person is willing to buy a new phone or he/she has to use another one then the person should have to transfer all the important data from his or her old phone. He or she also has to gain all of the apps and contacts back. It doesn’t only become a headache, a lot of time is also wasted in transferring and downloading data. 

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To resolve the solution different companies have launched different features such as the feature  “Tap and Go” of Android lollipop but to use this feature your device version must be of old one. Samsung has also introduced an application to resolve the above-mentioned problem.

Samsung has launched many new features to ease their users from time to time such as dark mode, customize the lock screen, features related to data transfer, etc.  “Smart switch” is also an advanced featured app of Samsung introduced to transfer the data from one device to another. 

In some Samsung devices, it is pre-installed such as in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Now a question will arise in your mind: How do I transfer data from one Samsung phone to another? Or How to use the Samsung smart switch. It is very easy and simple to use the app as is explained in this article. 

How to use  Samsung smart switch?

Wifi direct methods are very easy and convenient especially when you are using old galaxy devices. You can transfer data directly from a galaxy device through WiFi by following the given step:

  • Open Google play store on your galaxy device from which you want to transfer your data and then search for the “smart switch” app on Google play store. After finding it, install it on your galaxy device. Repeat the above process and install a smart switch app on the other device to which the data will be transferred.
  • On your old galaxy device open the smart switch app and then tap on the option of “sending device”. Go to the smart switch app on your new galaxy device and choose the option of “receiving device” from it.
  • Connect both devices by tapping on the “connect” option on both of your devices. After connecting, a list of many things will open on your old device screen. All the items will be available to transfer, these items include all the pictures, videos, apps, wallpapers even the settings. 
  • Select the items you want to transfer from your old device and then select the option of “transfer”. And after it, all the selected data will be started to transfer by using the WiFi direct method.

You can use this app to transfer your data from an android or iOS device also. All the processes will be the same as mentioned above.

By using a smart switch app you can even transfer your contacts so You may ask, “ Do you need a sim card in both phones with Samsung smart switch? You don’t need a sim card as when you transfer contacts will be saved into your built-in memory. 

A question that may arise in your mind is “Can I use a Samsung smart switch without wifi? you don’t need to worry about the internet connection of your wifi as this app uses wifi connectivity, it doesn’t need an internet connection of your wifi. The WiFi feature is present in all smartphones and when you press the button of sending device or receiving device then this feature automatically turns on on both devices.


In this article, a detailed description is given explaining how to use Samsung smart switch on your mobile devices. After buying a new phone, it is so difficult and time-consuming to transfer all of the old data to the new phone. Now with the help of this feature, you can easily transfer all of your important data including your contacts from your Android, iOS, or Samsung device to a Samsung device.


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