How To Use Skype Conveniently And Easily Using The Browser On Our PCs


Skype is an amazing website for audio video calling and chatting. It becomes more amazing with the app feature for smartphones along with browser usage on PCs. It provides its best features if a person has installed this app but in other cases, its uses by just browsing this website.

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Due to Covid-19 people have become stuck to their places, it becomes difficult for them to move out and to manage their life activities. In such a hard time, social media is actively playing its role. Same in the case of Skype, it has helped people to manage their business and personal lives. A person can constantly remain in touch with family, friends, and colleagues even in the time of pandemic and quarantine.

Skype Online

If a person wants to use Skype on a web browser then it is an easy and quick process. The important thing that needs to do is that a person must have a Skype account. If a person has a Skype account, then just open the website and enter your Skype account on the browser of your personal computer.

Skype Experience

A new version of Skype has been introduced by the authorities which has new features and advancements. The new version is free from downloading restrictions as a person can perform audio video calling without downloading the Skype app but by using an online browser.

When the first version of Skype was launched it had only 2 features which were just chatting with friends and sharing multiple files with other people. After some time, an audio-video feature was introduced in it but this feature is only available for the users that have installed the Skype app.

skype, skype browser , how to use skype, use skype browser pc , skype online features

If a person unluckily runs out of storage and has not installed the Skype app then the audio-video feature would not enjoy by such users. Now due to advancements in technology, this restriction is removed from the users and everyone can enjoy audio video calling without app installation just by using an online browser.

Only the exceptions that are present are that if a person started doing screen sharing or if a person has called on landline numbers then this feature not supported.

If a person has installed the Skype plug-in feature then it will automatically start working on all the web browsers as it performs the standalone task.

Online Features

The main popularity of Skype is due to its online features and along with it, plug-in, Skype supports its online features. If a person has signed it to his account on Skype then many functions are available to him on Skype.

A person can manage the contacts list through Skype, a person can use the messaging app by using Skype along with settings that can also control just by signing in to the Skype account.

skype, skype browser , how to use skype, use skype browser pc  , skype online features

A person can create and manage the chat groups, can share photos, videos, and important documents along with it audio-video call plug-in with the 50 people participation is available on Skype.

All these features are free on Skype. Groups made with the participation of 300 members with the quality of the calls of fluent and consistent. A person can also make calls on the numbers except for the online calls just by selecting the destination of the receiver.

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