How To Use Speedfan Step By Step Complete Guideline


A speed fan is a program that monitors the hardware present in the Windows computer and adjusts the speed of the fan according to the hotness and coolness of the computer. A speed fan determines the temperature of the device and then adjusts the speed to cool down the system for the smooth flow of data.

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It not only works to adjust the temperature of the device but also reduces the noise and reads the changes in voltage. It also performs the duty of an excellent monitor which works to monitor the current working of the device in the form of charts. 

A speed fan works differently hence a person needs to know how to control a speed fan in the best way. The following article helps you to learn about the process completely. 

How to control Speedfan complete guideline

The steps that are involved in controlling the process of SpeedFan are given below:

  • Checking Motherboard is an important step because all the systems are not able to work with fan speed. A person must check whether the motherboard supports a fan speed program or not so that the program would be downloaded accordingly. It would be very good if the motherboard supports the program but if the motherboard is not capable to support the program then the system would work as a monitoring tool. SpeedFan would also work as a troubleshooter for the system which is not capable of supporting it.
  • Turn off Fan once you come to know that your system sports fan speed program. A person needs to find BIOS settings in the device to turn off the automatic fan speed setting. Otherwise, two different settings working on one device may cause trouble.
  • The installation program is needed according to the instructions mention on the website as well as written on the page if you have purchased it as a disc form. Launching is done when the program is completely installed and it is important to know that it may take few minutes for the complete launch.
  • Temperature graphs reading is shown when the program is completely installed and launched. The temperature of different areas like CPU, GPU, hardware, and core would be visible on the screen. A popup notification and this information would be the initial learning of how to use speed fan.

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  • Configure a fan is an important step and a person needs to open the new window and select the ‘configure’ option. Configure option will be present at the right side of the program just below the ‘minimize’ button. Click on the ‘Options’ and then select ‘Set fans to 100% on program exit’. Then select ‘Delta value for fan speeds’ to 99. In this way, the fans are configured and would not work according to the previous automatic fan setting.
  • Change the speed of Fan would be easy if you know the real process. Just need to find the ‘Advanced’ option which will be present in the ‘Configure’ options between ‘Log’ and ‘Events’ options. Select ‘PMW’mode which enables you to increase or decrease speed by the up and down arrow.
  • The automatic controlling system option is present in the ‘configure’ menu between ‘Voltage’ and ‘Fan control’ options. The system can automatically control the temperature by selecting the ‘system variated’ box.
  • Controlling the temperature is quick and easy by clicking the ‘temperature’ option on the left side of the screen. A person can see and manage the temperature of different parts of the device through this option.
  • The experiment is needed to perform because everything would not be perfect on the first try. It might be possible that the fan speed would be very loud or slow on the first try so a person keeps on trying to find the best possible speed of the fan for different parts through experiments.

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How to safely use Speedfan

By following the above-mentioned step a person can easily use a speed fan to attain the desired temperature. Once a person has attained the desired temperature and has learned to adjust the settings then no technicality is present in using a speed fan.

It is encouraged to experiment with different fan speeds to work on computers at optimal levels. A person can save himself from getting his computer warmed up as well as monitor different components of the device.


If a person wants to work smoothly on the computer and wants that the device should not get warm-up. Such a person is suggested to keep the device cool and for this purpose, a speed fan is used. The basic introduction, controlling, and safety measures of the speed fan are described above. A person can get the maximum accuracy of the device by correctly using a speed fan.


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