How To Use VidClipper For Video Editing


As we know it is a basic need of a person to remain attached to social media apps like Instagram, Facebook TikTok messenger, etc. When a person creates an account on any social media app then he has the facility to share his pictures and videos with others to get likes and comments on it. 

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For this, they must need any editing app so that they can edit their videos and can make them more attractive and eye-grabbing so that they can get more likes on them. If a person wants to edit his videos then a vidClipper proves to be very helpful for him due to its amazing features. In the given article we have discussed how a person can use the VidClipper app for editing videos.

Working of VidClipper

Vidclipper is an amazing app that helps users to edit their videos and increase their worth by adding different types of filters and effects. A person can follow the given steps to edit his videos by using VidClipper:

  • First of all, we have to install a VidClipper app from the official website and then follow the given steps. 
  • When we install the app then by tapping on the ‘Import’ option, we have imported all the media files. We have the facility to import any type of data that may include images, songs, and videos.
  • Now we have to drag and drop a video and we can also use overlay translation or any of the acts from the side by at the left of the screen. If a person wants to cut the video into different parts then he can use the scroll bar and then he has to tap on the small scissor on the video where we want to cut it.
  • Now to fill the gap we can use the drag and drop transition option. We also have the facility to add a background song. I can also divide that song into different parts. This will make the appearance of the video more attractive and eye-catching.
  • Moreover, we also have the facility to add any type of text wherever we want on the video. When we finished all editing then we had to type on the expert option and select the output folder. After this our video will be saved on our device.

How difficult is video editing?

A lot of people think that editing a video is a very complicated and difficult process. They are somehow right but wrong also because editing videos can be very simple as well as very complicated but it depends upon our capability and the apps used by us for editing apps. A Vella person starts editing an app then it might take a little more time and effort but when he enters this field then the same work will become very easy for him.

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Can I learn video editing?

A lot of people want to know that can the line is video editing or not. The answer to this question is very general. Editing a photo or video can be very simple as well as difficult as it depends upon the capability e of the video editor. As a beginner, we have to face a lot of difficulties while editing a video but when we learn it then it will become as easy as clicking a picture.


Some people are very addicted to social media apps and want to make their videos more attractive so that they can get more likes and comments on them. For this purpose, they must have an editing app for editing the data. In the above article, we have discussed how a person can use the VidClipper app for editing his video clips.


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