How To View Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger Step By Step


Most people Archive messages on Facebook messenger applications just to remember the message in the future. Messages are also archived on messenger just to mention one thing that they are important. Archive messages are present in a specific folder with the most recent messages. The reason to put archive messages with recent messages is to help users find them in the messages folder.

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Messenger is the most instant application for communication and sharing purposes. Facebook teamwork a lot to provide different beneficial features to its users so that they don’t find any difficulty while using the Facebook messenger application.

Facebook has another important initiative in which a person doesn’t need to have a Facebook account for using a messenger application; rather the features can be enjoyed just as a host. Alternative methods are available in the market to view archived messages and each of them is quick and easy from the previous one.

Viewing through Mobile Browser

The best advantage of viewing archived messages from a mobile browser is that a person can see a complete list of archived messages. If you want to know how to view archived messages from an Android browser then the steps are given below:

  • Tap on the browser icon present in the Android mobile and move towards for browsing. A web page will appear on the screen asking for your account details just sign in to your Facebook account using the important credentials. 
  • The home page will appear to select the Messenger icon which will be present at the upper part of the main screen. Move down until an option of ‘View Archive Messages’ becomes visible on the main screen. Select the desired archived messages from the list of your friends and then you will be able to see all the archive messages of that person.

Viewing through Computer Browser

The method which is used in viewing archive messages from computer browsers is almost the same as discussed above. The only difference which is present between computer browser and Android browser is that the processes which are involved in computer browser are more sophisticated. The steps that are involved to view archive messages from a computer browser are given below:

  • Click on the Computer Browser to open and type in the search engine. The Facebook page will appear on the main screen then sign in to the account using the username and password. Select the Messenger icon which would be present under the option of ‘News Feed’ on the left side of the Facebook website.
  • If a person becomes unable to find the messenger icon from the left sidebar then click on the Messenger icon at the upper menu of the Facebook website. A page with a list of different messages will appear on the main screen and select the option of ‘See all messages’ which would be present at the lower part of the page.
  • A gear icon will be present at the upper left side of the main screen, click on it and then select the option of ‘Archived Chats’. A list of the friend’s messages will appear on the main screen a person needs to find and then select the desired messages. In this way, a person can access all the archived messages present on that account.


There is nobody who doesn’t know about the popularity and attraction of the audience towards Facebook. It is important to know that using Facebook on a computer is a little harder than using it on mobile. If a person wants to move towards the Facebook home page for videos, photos and sharing options then it will require a little effort. Viewing Archive messages through a mobile browser or computer Browser or messenger application all the three methods are mentioned above.


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