How to watch Olympics 2021 Online complete guideline


The Tokyo Olympics are in full grandeur. More than 11000 sportspersons from 33 different sports are competing with one another for the medals of silver, gold, and bronze. Athletes belong to different countries so people of different countries want to watch their sportspersons for encouragement and support. It would not be false if we say that the Olympics is the largest sports competition considered around the world.

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How can you watch the Tokyo Olympics online for free?

Different countries have different channels that offer the Tokyo Olympics online for paid as well as free services. Some of the countries with their channel description are given below:

In the USA

USA citizens can have live updates of the Tokyo Olympics on the NBCUniversal network. The most famous channel where  US viewers can enjoy the Olympics is the peacock. Peacock’s website offers daily and complete event broadcasting of the Olympics along with highlights and replays options. Peacock is the only place where viewers can have a view of gymnastics and track field in real-time.

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In the UK

If you are a UK citizen then you can enjoy the Tokyo Olympics, especially on BBC or BBC iPlayer. In 2021 BBC won’t allow the Olympics coverage because of certain specific problems faced by the BBC network. If you want to watch the Olympics live then you have to move towards the discovery channel.

In Australia

If you are living in Australia and want to watch the Tokyo Olympics then you can stream the Olympics on different channels. The most famous channel that broadcasts the Olympics in Australia is 7 plus. People also use ExpressVPN if they want to reach out for paid services.

In Canada

In Canada, people can watch the Tokyo Olympics on CBS, TLN, TSN, and Sportsnet. This also enhances the feature of streaming games in the case that you just sign in accreditations provided by the cable operator or have a standalone package. It costs $19 per month or $5 per day according to the channel’s demand. People can also use ExpressVPN to enjoy the paid services.

Anywhere in the World

As we all know that the Olympics are a worldwide event and people from any other country want to watch the Tokyo Olympics. A person can have VPN to watch Olympics live streaming and the best VPN for watching Tokyo Olympics is ExpressVPN.

Where can I watch Olympics 2021 online?

If a person wants to watch the Tokyo Olympics online in 2021 then it is important to know the country’s location. If you are present in India then Tokyo Olympics is live streaming in India in collaboration with the Sony sports network.

Olympics is also broadcasted live on the SonyLIV channel where different people can enjoy and watch the Live updates. It is important to know that the Tokyo Olympics is not live-streamed on every channel, rather only certain specific channels are allowed to broadcast it.

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Does a Peacock have live Olympics?

Yes, Peacock is a website that offers the facility of free broadcasting of the Tokyo Olympics. The user is needed to pay 4.99 dollars per month to enjoy the peacock premium. If you are using the free version of a peacock then you can watch the live streaming of Tokyo Olympics 2021 along with replays of the broadcasting match that could also be available to the user within the app. It offers all the major events and 24 hours live streaming and is available around the world.


NBC tried to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics in 4K and it was their first time. All the events that are featured in 4K HDR are gymnastics, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and many more. It is important to know that all the cable operators are not allowed to broadcast in 4K, rather Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish Network are the only operators that offer 4K set-top boxes. It is very difficult if you want to watch the Olympics in 8k but if you accept the Japanese official channels NHK then they would provide an 8k broadcasting facility.


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