How To Watch The Private Videos On Youtube 2021 By Following Simple Ways


Youtube is a social media app. It allows its users to see different videos uploaded by others. They can also create their channel and can upload videos on them. This app plays a vital role in entertaining people. We can watch any type of video on youtube. We can watch movies, dance videos, Blogging videos, and dramas also. 

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Not only watch but can also make videos on any content they want. Then they have the facility to make their video private or public. If a person uploads a video and makes it public then every person on youtube can watch, like, and share these videos with their friends and family. But when the video is private then it means that the uploader doesn’t want others to watch his video.

Every person thinks that private video cannot be watched but it’s wrong. We can watch private youtube videos at any time. In this article, we have discussed some methods that a person can follow to watch private youtube videos.

Watch private youtube videos with full access

If a person wants to watch a private youtube video with full access then the first step that he has to follow is to take permission from the uploaded video. A person who uploads the video has the facility to make a list of persons to whom he wants to view his video. So a person has to contact the uploader so that he permits him to watch those private youtube videos.

We can contact them by email. When the uploader gives the access then we have to open the email that is sent to us by the uploader. A video will appear with three dots at the top. By clicking on the dots we can watch the private youtube video of that uploader.

Watch private youtube videos without having access

If a person wants to watch a private youtube video with full access then the first step that he has to follow is to take permission from the uploaded video. But if he cannot have permission then he can follow the given steps to watch the private youtube videos. Here are the steps:

  • The first step is to locate the private video on youtube that we want to watch. Consider the URL of the video and then remove ‘Watch?’ from the URL.
  • Now new URL will be ‘’. We have to tap on the ‘Enter Key’. Now the video will be visible to us and we can watch it without signing in to our youtube account.

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The reason behind the invisibility of private videos

We cannot watch private youtube videos due to many reasons. Some of them are:

  • The uploader sets the videos as private while uploading them. We cannot watch private youtube videos when they are not appearing in suggestions and recommended videos.
  • A team may upload a video and only give access to the members of the team to watch that video. So to keep that video hidden from others they make it private and we cannot watch it.


If a person doesn’t know how to watch private youtube videos then this article is totally for him. He can follow the steps mentioned above to watch private youtube videos having full access or even without full access.


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