How To Write A LinkedIn Attractive Summary To Gain The Attention Of Readers


In the past, to find a good job people had to struggle a lot. They went through all the newspapers of the day, met different people, gave personal interviews, and sent their resumes to the companies. But now LinkedIn has replaced the need for newspapers, resume / CV even first meeting needs. The only important thing is your presence on the app. 

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Many recruiters will visit your LinkedIn profile to check your capabilities and skills. Besides finding a job a user can use LinkedIn for marketing products or business to build a professional brand reputation in the market. You have to write your LinkedIn summary in the about section of your profile. 

Many people leave the space blank, some may write a short line that is considered a resume summary or LinkedIn headline. But it is recommended to write a summary whether you are a businessman or a job seeker. You can write a minimum 120 words summary and 2000 characters space is available in the summary section.

You can write about your personality, search terms, or career story in the about section up to 300 to 350 words. About sections of your profile strengthen your LinkedIn profile and could be an inspiration for the readers.

Why is a LinkedIn summary important for your profile?

Linkedin is very important especially when you are looking for a job as it gives your first impression to the reader, the reader can find all the basic information about yourself. Your summary is used in the search results by LinkedIn. So you must use some specific terms that are searched by recruiters.

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Writing the LinkedIn summary

How do you start your LinkedIn summary? Before the writing procedure, you must have to visit some leaders of your field and read their summary, note down good points and keywords. The starting lines are very important as the reader will be able to read the first three lines of your summary then he has to click on see more options.

You must write attractive words to invite readers to see more or simply write directly the things that the hiring managers want to know about you.

After writing the first lines you should discuss your capabilities in your field. Remember the keywords you have noted from the leader’s profile summary, use those keywords in your sentences.  

Now the question arises: How do I end a summary on LinkedIn?. In the ending section of your LinkedIn summary explain the reaction you are expecting from the readers. Most people use words at the start of your sentence like ” message me with” or “Email me if“.

You must have to answer the questions like Do you want to email you if the reader is interested or do you want to get a message of job opportunities. This is not done if you can put the samples of your work. You can add a list of your skills or strategies, certificates, etc. 

How does a student should write a LinkedIn summary?

If you are a student and are looking for a good job then you must use keywords that are relevant to your field or industry. Write from the perspective of the first person and explain what you do simply. If you don’t have work experience then you can write information about your non-work life. You can add your resume to your LinkedIn summary.


In your LinkedIn profile summary plays an important eye-catching tool in the about section. It should be attractive and unique to gain the attention of readers, especially recruiters or hiring managers. You have to add some specific keywords that are used by the readers in the search bar. 


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