How to fix iPhone sound not working without headphones issue in 2022?

There are numerous reasons why an iPhone may not have sound. Unfortunately, you will never know why your iPhone has no sound. Instead, you will need to consider why your iPhone might not play any sounds. Spend some time considering the problem’s occurrence as well. Why not my iphone sound not working without headphones? And why do my iPhone apps not have sound?

iPhone sound not working without headphones,

This article will provide some tricks on how we should fix the top issues of iPhone sound not working.

Force to Restart iPhone

Restart the iPhone quickly to resolve the issue without sound when using headphones with iPhone apps.

Your iPhone is set in Headphone mode, and if this problem isn’t fixed, you won’t be able to play loud music on your phone. Start by resetting your iPhone.

Press and raise the Volume Up.

Tap and the Volume Down.

Hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

Try Plugging and Removing Headphones

Another solution is to repeat plug and unplug the headphone jack to get the iPhone out of the headphone settings for iPhone sound not working correctly.

 Try to play some music after plugging in the headphones to see whether they are working or not.

Please close all music apps and, if feasible, all background-running programs on iPhone before unplugging the headphone jack, and then opening the headphones from the phone.

Connect  with other Headphones

Have you connected with the original Apple Headphones for iPhone sound not working?

When using non-brand headphones with an Apple iPhone, the music may occasionally become caught in headphone mode and cannot be played loudly. 

Check to see if the iPhone works with different headphones.

Enable and Disable the Airplane Mode

One of the quickest ways to detach an iPhone that is in speaker mode is by using this method. Disabling and re-enabling Airplane Mode may fix the problem if the headphone jack has no hardware damage.

• launch the Settings app or activate Airplane mode. Alternately, tap the icon for Airplane mode in the Control Center.

• After waiting a few minutes, turn off the iPhone’s Airplane Mode.

Connect with Bluetooth Speaker

This innovative hack could disable the iPhone’s fixed-on headphone setting.

The iPhone may broadcast audio to the attached Bluetooth speaker when it is connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

To connect an iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker, use the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.

Change the Call Audio Routing

An automatic option is to choose the appropriate audio path when sending audio to a Bluetooth headset or speaker.

  •     Go to the Settings app.
  •  Tap Accessibility.
  •  Select Touch.
  •  Select Call Audio Routing.
  •  Set it to Bluetooth Headset or Speaker.

Update the iPhone device

The iPhone still has a problem with no sound without headphones; try updating the iPhone device.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  •  Tap to the General.
  •  Select Software Update.

Frequently asked questions about iphone sound not working without headphones

Why does my iPhone sound only work with headphones?

Currently, there are just two potential causes of this issue: Your iPhone is tricked into believing that headphones are plugged in by dirt in the headphone jack or Lightning port. There is physical or liquid damage to the Lightning port or headphone jack.

Why is my sound not working without headphones?

Your phone may be unable to exit headphone mode because the audio jack is blocked with dust. Inside, dust, and even dirt can gather. Sticky stuff might build up within the jack if you frequently carry your phone in your pocket.

Why is my iPhone volume not working?

It may have possible that you have the app’s sound muted or tuned down low. Media volume should be checked. Check to see if the media volume isn’t off or turned down if you still can’t hear anything: Make your go to Settings.

How do I clean my iPhone microphone hole?

For a gentler approach, try using a toothbrush with extra-soft bristles. If sticking a wooden stick inside your phone sounds too terrifying, consider using a fresh toothbrush with extra-soft bristles instead. Clean the microphone hole gently to remove any jams.

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This article share how we fix iPhone sound not working without headphones issue in 2022.

‘’Pro tips’’ for improving sound issues in iPhone

  • Restart your iPhone
  • Plug In and Out Headphones Several Times
  • Try another Headphone
  • Remove your iPhone Case and Clean the Headphone Jack
  • Turn on Airplane Mode
  • Use Bluetooth Speaker
  • Changing Call Audio Routing

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