Microsoft Joined Apple With A US$2 Trillion Valuation Back Of Cloud Computing


Microsoft is a public company that reaches US $2 trillion value in the market on a public base and it is the second company that reaches that peak. The first company was Apple that admired cloud computing.

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Take the place of 2nd book history in a public company to reach US $2 trillion market value in the dominance of cloud computing and software. This business will also expand further in the future.

On Tuesday in New York, 1.2% shares were done which was enough for the software company to easily join Apple Inc. The other company Saudi Aramco, predicts that they have a brief interest connected with the software in December 2019 about the value of 1.9$ US trillion.


In 2014  with the chief executive officer Neela created a company in Washington named Redmond. This was the largest cloud computing company and it was the main unit although Microsoft is also the only biggest US technology company that has the recent wave of security with the best policy.

American companies also give refer hand to both companies for their product expansions.

So Microsoft has earned 19% from this year that is outer performing Apple and inc. How did Microsoft earn and even from the expansion and areas like machine learning and cloud computing and its 3rd result will be released in April that has so many Expectations related to it for its business growth.

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 The reason behind this: 

Microsoft is now joined with Apple because of the following reasons. Microsoft did most of the things for Apple than customers. For example, Microsoft created OneNote for iPad and its first office was built by Microsoft in the Apple tablet.

Microsoft also created some iPhone apps like SkyDrive and it also provides storage services and Lync.

so now they become business partners and due to top competitors, they do many jobs with one another collaboration. In 1997 the window manufacturer  Steve Jobs also helped to save the Apple company.

 Microsoft is more powerful:

Dinos that Apple has three times more network than Microsoft, and Microsoft is cheaper and easily accessible to its customers. While the profit of Microsoft is much higher than thApple’sple, that is comparatively higher net profit and this is the reason behind the popularity of Microsoft.

And another reason is that Microsoft came first then Apple that was almost two years before Microsoft released their extension.


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